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Airtel Seychelles launches TV app after local demand for FIFA World Cup

Airtel subscribers in Seychelles can now watch the FIFA World Cup competition live on their smartphones through the Airtel TV app platform and the streaming is free of charge until November 30.


The brand and marketing communications manager of the company, Jude Valmont, told reporters on Monday that the platform has been put in place due to demand from their local customers since the 2022 Football World Cup started.


In a press statement from Airtel Seychelles, the managing director, Amadou Dina, said that “since the start of the FIFA World Cup, our customers have been contacting us to find out what Airtel has planned. So, we listened to our loyal customers and put in place the necessary measures to respond to their requests in record time. Considering our already very reliable data network coverage in Seychelles, Airtel TV will revolutionise TV on demand and streaming experience of live TV on smartphones.”


Valmont told reporters that this was made possible after Airtel Africa and New World TV in Paris announced a landmark partnership earlier this month, in which Airtel TV subscribers can enjoy exclusive, live access to all FIFA World Cup 2022 matches.


Airtel subscribers can stream live for free until November 30 and as of December 1, they will have to purchase one of the four bundles which start at SCR37 ($3).


Under the terms of the agreement between Airtel Africa and New World TV partnership, Airtel TV subscribers will be able to watch all UEFA national team competitions until 2028 and FIFA 2022 and 2023 competitions.


The company’s commercial director, Saadatou Chekou Kore, explained that Airtel TV is the one stop platform for live TV, music videos, news, sports, and a lot more.


“The Airtel TV app, which is available on Android and iOS, is subscription-free meaning that you just purchase our very competitive dedicated data bundles and you’re good to go!!! For this World Cup we are thrilled to deliver the excitement by offering our customers four data packages starting at SR 37, to deliver the best value and ensure that lovers of the beautiful game can conveniently follow the matches on the go,” he added.


Kore said that this offering demonstrates Airtel Seychelles’ commitment to transforming the lives of its customers by ensuring their convenience.


“It is the reason we are continually investing in expanding our network and distribution network to deliver connectivity and our services closer to our customers. In Seychelles, for instance, one of our goals is to get closer to our customers and provide them with a top level of service. Indeed, we have the largest distribution network in the country, with over 20 own shops spread across the country,” he said.


Airtel TV offers registered users unlimited access to the entire Airtel TV content library as well as enabling them to stream different content categories on the Airtel 4G network.


Airtel Seychelles and Cable and Wireless Seychelles are the two main telecommunication service providers in Seychelles, an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean.


Source: Seychelles News Agency