EU sets 2030 target for recyclable plastic packaging

The European Union unveiled plans Tuesday for all plastic packaging in Europe to be recyclable by 2030 and phase out single-use plastic like coffee cups to fight pollution.The strategy ... Continue Reading →

President Faure receives UNODC Regional Representative for Eastern Africa to Seychelles

The President of the Republic, Mr Danny Faure, met with the new United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Regional Representative for Eastern Africa, Mr Amado Philip De Andres, ... Continue Reading →

Seychelles’ elusive ‘white’ black parrot is caught and released

After two years of efforts, a rare white-feathered black parrot was caught and released recently, providing the Seychelles Island Foundation (SIF) with data on the unusual bird.The ... Continue Reading →

Seychellois music master retires after 37-year teaching career

After nearly four decades of promoting music in Seychelles, a Seychellois music teacher at the National Conservatoire of Performing Arts is retiring.Jerry Souris, 60, has been an instructor ... Continue Reading →

Latest Updated Press Release-Appointment of National Commission for Child Protection

President Danny Faure has today announced the composition of the National Commission for Child Protection, in accordance with Section 3A of the Children Act.The functions of the Commission ... Continue Reading →