About Us

The Seychelles news gazette is not the website, it is the need of people, who seek different sorts of news related to each sector of the Seychelles and the news from other parts of the African region. It has also been accepted to be the reliable source in terms of finding the news about African region by foreign visitors of the website. This sort of trust, we have achieved over the course of many years of hard work and devotion to provide the news that are of people’s interest. One of the basic purposes of our news website is to highlight the issues of each sector of Seychelles that is becoming the reason of affecting the country’s overall development process. This strategy makes us never to overlook any domestic news, because we believe that discrimination in different sorts of news in terms of their sizes and their overall impacts on the website, is not we should get worried when it comes to publish the news on the site.

As we stick to the norms of journalism, it helps us to publish only authentic news and that is what people know us for. We believe that news has to be published as it is without adding any sort of extra content that it does not need. Getting the trust of people for any news website is achieved only through ensuring them that the website has reliable news and it cannot be questioned in terms of its credibility.

Our website is often considered as the useful platform for the businesses in the country, which enables the owners of different businesses to get their businesses introduced internationally. Our news website works as the interface between the customers of other regions and the owners of different businesses in Seychelles. As our website is the first choice of the people of other regions for finding the news of the African region, they also trust what is advertised on our website, so submitting the press releases on our website is considered as the positive move by the owners of businesses who availed Seychelles Press Releases Services.


Meet us on social media websites any time, as we make sure that our regular readers are able to interact with us at any time. Our website is constantly blessed with the valuable feedbacks of our regular readers through different social media websites and that is the attribute of social media, which has helped us in making readers understand that we value them. They can also opt for our services such as daily email news alerts and RSS news feeds in order to stay up to date about every happening.