Travellers to Seychelles no longer need vaccination certificate or negative PCR test as of December 1

Travellers coming to Seychelles will no longer need a COVID-19 vaccination certificate or negative PCR test as of December 1, said the Ministry of Health on Saturday.


According to the revised entry and stay conditions of November 26 for incoming travellers, Seychellois, visitors and holders of a gainful occupation permit (GOP) will still need to complete an online travel authorisation form on the Seychelles Electronic Border System.


This information includes the personal and travel information details of the passengers, which was previously provided on a paper form upon arrival at the airport but is now in digital form. Travellers also need to provide a scanned copy of their passport, which can be uploaded via the system’s website or an app.


Additionally, foreign visitors will need valid travel and health insurance to cover potential COVID-19-related costs and GOP holders will need relevant cover for potential health and COVID-19-related costs.


The ministry is advising all individuals arriving in Seychelles “to report any symptoms they develop, that may be associated with COVID-19 to their nearest health centre, and may be subject to testing, isolation, care and/or quarantine, as indicated by national protocols in-effect.”


Seychelles, an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean, currently has 193 active cases of COVID-19 and no patient has been admitted with infection.


Despite the decrease in COVID-19 cases, the Ministry of Health is urging the public to remain vigilant and continue taking personal responsibility to prevent infection.


Source: Seychelles News Agency