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Maiden African music and art festival in Norway to showcase diverse cultural heritage

The maiden edition of the African Music and Art festival scheduled for August 24, 2024, in Norway will showcase the rich cultural heritage of various African countries.

Organised by Envoy Underholding, the first-ever African music and art festival seeks to market Africa’s traditional culture to the world while making it attractive to all generations.

The festival to be held at the Eventtallen in Oslo is expected to bring people from various backgrounds together to witness the uniqueness of African tradition and culture .

The upcoming festival would not only project the numerous cultures of various ethnicities but also their way of dressing with various fashion exhibitions.

Some activities billed for the festival also include culture displays, live music performances , and business exhibitions, with participating countries expected to showcase their contemporary arts.

There would be various performances from numerous entertainers from Africa.

The African Music and Arts Festival is part of an initiative b
y Envoy Underholding to recognise the contribution of African culture and value of the works of black people.

Source: Ghana News Agency