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HPR Speaker Insists On Decisions to Prioritize People’s Needs, Strengthen Unity

Addis Ababa: The House of People’s Representatives (HPR) Speaker Tagesse Chafo insisted on public need-based decisions to bolster national unity.

The House of People’s Representatives held the fourth Parliamentary Conference in Addis Ababa today.

The annual conference attended by HPR Speaker, Tagesse Chafo, Deputy Speaker Lomi Bedo, Standing Committee Chairs and members of the parliament, ministers, federal and regional government officials and representatives, and other invited guests focuses on research-based decision-making to ensure rule of law and public interest.

The conference with hundreds of participants featured the presentation of 10 in-depth research projects related to the mandates and functions of the parliament. These presentations delved into critical aspects of parliamentary work.

Opening the conference, Speaker Tagesse Chafo emphasized the role of parliament as a cornerstone of Ethiopian democracy and a vital political institution for the public good.

He noted the inherent characteristi
cs of parliament in representing public sovereignty and ensuring citizens’ voices are heard.

The speaker stressed the importance of basing decisions on the needs and interests of the people to strengthen national unity.

He encouraged for utilizing research to ensure well-informed decision-making for a positive impact.

In light of the need for research-backed decisions, the speaker recalled HPR’s reform to enhance parliamentary system.

Pointing out work undertaken to strengthen the mandates of the Standing Committees within HPR through research support, the speaker reiterated commitment expand and strengthen these research-backed decisions and operational systems within the house.

Minister of Innovation and Technology addressed the conference highlighting the unprecedented opportunities and challenges presented by the digital era on a global scale.

The minister outlined Ethiopia’s efforts to harness the potential of digital technologies while mitigating the associated challenges such as cyber-attack and
safeguarding data privacy and national security.

Belete emphasized the HPR’s crucial and irreplaceable role in leveraging technology for the nation’s development.

He called on the parliament to focus on capacity building for citizens to be familiar with this evolving digital era and to benefit from an inclusive participation in the ongoing digitalized economic development.

He emphasized the parliament’s vital role in safeguarding and clarifying national interests in this digital era.

The minister confirmed that the parliament has been effective in its legislative and oversight functions regarding the laws about innovation and technology.

To strengthen data-driven decision-making, the house utilized dozens of research projects in the past three years.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency