Laura Valabhji seeks court order to access private medical and dental clinic

Laura Valabhji, one of the main defendants being tried in the ongoing firearms and prevention of terrorism case before the Supreme Court, yesterday filed a notice of motion requesting access to her house, in order to obtain her mother’s and her personal medical records, among other requests.

The notice of motion which is yet to be served on the republic has been adjourned until October 5, 2022.

However, during yesterday’s proceedings, court stated that the police should have access to the house to find the medical records.

Mrs Valabhji further asked the court for urgent order allowing her to access private clinic doctor and a dentist. As part of her complaint, she alleged that there is a rat infestation at the prison where she is currently being held on remand, and even went as far as presenting two photographs allegedly depicting this. According to her, the prison doctor stated that she needs medical tests.

In response to her requests, the court stated that she needs to properly file the evidence by affidavit in order to obtain the order regarding attendance of private clinic, since there is a doctor available within the prison for all care.

Court did however grant an order allowing her to visit a dentist, as it was alleged that there are no dental practitioners at the prison and Mrs Valabhji indicated that she is in urgent need, considering her pre-existing medical conditions.

She is to remain on further remand and will reappear in court in firearms and prevention of terrorism case on September 21, 2022.

Source: Seychelles Nation