Ethiopia’s Startups Surge in Competitiveness of Agricultural Productivity

Addis Ababa: Ethiopia’s startups have become vital to drive a competitiveness surge of the country in agricultural production and quality of commodities in the global market, innovators in the sphere told ENA.

Innovations which could increase the nation’s value of agricultural products and competitiveness internationally are being displayed at ‘Startup Ethiopia Exhibition’, which was launched on Monday at the Science Museum.

ENA observed Young startuppers who presented innovative works that would maximize income by increasing the value of agricultural products which Ethiopia exports as well as providing organized information to buyers.

In recent years, Ethiopia aims to emerge as a beacon of opportunity in the global startup landscape.

The holistic approach in this startup ecosystem holds the promise of unleashing entrepreneurial vigor, propelling economic growth, and spurring job creation across the sectors including agriculture in Ethiopia, it was indicated.

In this regard, Ethiopia’s large and youthful
population is considered as an asset with more investment to empower more young people to have the education, tools, and platform they need to take charge and create opportunities for themselves and the world.

Mikiyas Estefanos, One of the young innovators, displayed a technology called ‘tracing coffee’ where the buyer can track the information of coffee production, accounting for the largest share of the export trade in Ethiopia.

Approached by ENA, Mikiyas said this innovative tool allows the buyer to know the whole information of the coffee starting from the producer.

For him, the technology will essentially further increase the competitiveness of Ethiopian coffee in the world market.

More importantly, buyers will be provided clear information about the uniqueness and quality of Ethiopian coffee with the support of this innovation.

Another startupper, Anduamlak Mehariw presented innovative works that can be used to increase the value of export products.

Anduamlak who is also manager of “Green Bean Man
ufacturing” which manufactures agricultural products processing and farm machines; explained that the technology helps to increase export income and competitiveness, including the value of agricultural products, which covers 60 percent of Ethiopia’s export products.

He also mentioned that rosemary, turmeric and coffee drying machines are among his innovations.

The founder and manager of “B-Farm Tech”, Begashaw Mebirate who graduated in the agriculture field, envisages supporting his country’s farms to enable them to use modern equipment.

He said lack of agricultural technology that he noticed while working in various institutions, was the starting point for his innovative work.

He explained that he has created a technology that connects the farmers with grain threshing tractor owners and tractor operator professionals.

Pointing out that this will help him to contribute to the modernization of agriculture, Begashaw acknowledged the government’s attention to innovation has given him hope to be successful.

he exhibition has been open to the public since 8th April 2024, and will end after 21 days, it was indicated.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency