Ethiopia Invites Global Investors to Explore Land of Origins & Ancient Civilizations

Ethiopia, the Land of origins and the diplomatic capital of Africa is ready to welcome investors worldwide to engage in tourism as the government counts on the private sector to play crucial role, minister of Tourism Nasise Chali said.

Presenting the opportunities, resources, support of the government to global investors gathered at Invest Ethiopia 2023 forum, Nasise invited international investors to engage in Ethiopia’s tourism sector, the land of origins endowed with plenty of unique tourism attractions.

The minister added “we call Ethiopia the land of origins, because, it is the cradle of humanity where humankind first walked on two legs”.

Sating that Ethiopia is also a nation that is a source of Abbay (the Blue Nile), she added that Ethiopia is one of the ancient civilizations, and coffee is the loving gift of Ethiopia to the world.

For the minister, such resources make Ethiopia a unique place to explore more in the tourism sector.

Noting that the government has been recently given due attention to the sector, Nasisie said “the government has really given due attention to tourism due to the ample resources that we have in the sector.”

Accordingly, the government believes the sector is one of the pillars of the economy for the country. So, she further elaborated it is given due attention under the 10-year development plan.

She stressed that “we are counting on the private sector as key players to come and invest in the sector. When we plan, we made sure the necessary intervention, the necessary policy support, legal framework and all the needed things are in place.”

Ethiopia is the diplomatic capital of Africa and also the seat of many international organizations which makes it also favorable place for tourism where Ethiopian Airlines carries a lot of passengers with more than 10 million a year which gives the country lot opportunities to tap on to that.

In Ethiopia there is no lack of tourist attractions as it is ancient country with lots of historical resources.

Ethiopia can be named as one of the naturally diverse countries in the world, she said adding, “We have lots of ethnic groups with their own language, cultural identity which can make Ethiopia one of the cultural mosaics.”

There are lots of cultural heritages ethnographic attractions, traditional crafts, the natural resources of the country, the natural beauty, the scenery, the landscapes, the beautiful weather all round can give you a tourist product for the whole year round, it was indicated.

In addition, the wild life of the flora and fauna, the protected areas, and the parks are all waiting for meaningful investment and those are all opportunities for investment among others.

Regarding the favorable conditions, the minister noted that there is a political will from the government side that is demonstrated by prioritizing tourism as one of the pillars of the development of the economy and actual investment on the sector, creating favorable business climate among others the firm moves to mention a few.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency