December 9, 2022

Basketball: Land Marine Cup – Men’s division one

Men’s division one league champions Beau Vallon Heat proved that the victories in the play-off finals over rivals PLS Hawks were not a flash as they registered yet another victory over the Plaisance-based side, this time in the Land Marine Cup competition. On Wednesday at the Victoria Gymnasium, Beau Vallon

Fiba Foundation – ‘Basketball for Good’ platform

The third phase of the ‘Basketball for Good’ platform, an initiative of the Fédération internationale de basket-ball with the full backing and support of local Islamic Bank Al Salam-Seychelles Limited took place on Saturday at the Victoria Gymnasium and was great success, according to the organisers. The platform is primarily aimed at

Leisure and sports for all: Mahé crazy challenge 2022

Football referee Noah Chilidra and Brenda Larue are the grand winners of this year’s Mahe Crazy Challenge organised jointly by the Seychelles Challenge and Outward Bounds Association and the community, leisure and sports for all unit within the National Sports Council. For this year’s challenge, 19 out of 38 registered

22nd World Tourism and Travel Council Global Summit in Riyadh

“We are being affected by a phenomenon that we are not responsible for… we’ve done our bit and our share to protect the environment not only for Seychelles but also for the world.” Such was the opening statement of Sylvestre Radegonde, Seychelles’ Minister for Foreign Affairs and Tourism in a

Plastic pollution and marine litter

Every year, during the south east trade winds, the sea brings back all manner of litter to the shore. They might not be from us, but we are also a victim of plastic pollution and marine litter. In order to tackle this issue, the United Nations Environment Programme (Unep) in