ZilLokal: Handmade, local jewellery line exhibited during Seychelles Fashion Week

'With ZilLokal, the pieces are handpicked and unique'

It was during the first Seychelles Fashion Week held on November 30 last year at Avani Resort & Spa, that a small jewellery business, ZilLokal, exhibited its line of mostly never-seen-before creations, and being the only participant specialising in jewellery among the norm of participants displaying their clothing lines.

Just one year into operations, ZilLokal is founded by Veronique Lanza, born and raised in Seychelles. She attended an art college in the United States (US) where she also lived and worked in the jewellery sector for some years before returning home.

Ms Lanza makes the jewellery pieces herself from scratch using colours and various aspects of the environment that attract her to inspire her artwork.

She is also inclined to make items that she would like to wear herself � an attribute that she finds important for her business.

With ZilLokal, the pieces are handpicked and unique. Each item takes time to make; I am a visual person and if I don't like what I see, I change the arrangement, says Ms Lanza.

As part of the fashion show, ZilLokal exhibited a collection of its jewellery, as well as some hand-dyed kaftans, while a song by Jean-Marc Volcy, purposely chosen by Ms Lanza, filled the air to further create a relaxed beach vibe.

The jewellery line consists mainly of big, statement necklaces made from a variety of items that Ms Lanza personally collects from around the island; she is a life-long collector of seashells, driftwood and textiles. Her inspiration is drawn from the ocean's colour and island textures.

Both shorter and longer versions of the kaftans - inspired by tropical aspects like green palm leaves to ocean waves -- were also displayed, and all of which are designed to suit different body sizes and shapes to ensure comfort.

All of the items were in line with the main concept behind ZilLokal: colourful, eclectic, fun, happy, island beachwear.

The majority of ZilLokal items are big, colourful statement earrings and bracelets, which Ms Lanza feels represent us living in the tropics. In future, she is hoping to introduce a new line that recycles plastic items that she collects from beaches.

Following the event, there has been a lot of interest shown in the products, with an increasing number of local individuals and businesses looking to purchase.

It was the vibrancy and colours of the jewellery and kaftans that people really liked most in my runway show, says Ms Lanza.

ZilLokal originally targeted globe trotters who enjoy the beach, but the Seychelles Fashion Week brought about an opportunity to display the jewellery and kaftan lines to the local market (mainly 25 � 45 year old females). Ms Lanza's wish is that everyone who wears ZilLokal will feel bright, happy and adventurous.

She notes that while the jewellery line may seem suited for a younger age range due to the eclectic styles, the kaftans are suitable for all age groups.

With the constant tropical theme behind all her items, she adds that they can easily be worn anywhere, at any time: while at the beach, in town, and up to the evening.

ZilLokal offers the perfect accessories for locals and wanderlust travellers. From sunrise to sunset happiness, each unique handmade piece will help keep a little island soul with you wherever you go.

She admits that although it is expensive to produce locally, it would be better for the country if more businesses would do so, adding that despite there being many local craft businesses in Seychelles, they are mainly targeted to tourists.

Ms Lanza also feels that consumers in Seychelles should wear more locally made products that are exclusive to our islands, not only to have more unique items, but also to support local businesses.

Source: Seychelles Nation