The world suspends the flight of the Boeing 737 MAX, the United States resist

Isolated in the face of immense international pressure, the United States persisted in its refusal to rally to the Boeing 737 MAX 8 flight ban by many countries and airlines, whose list continued lie on Wednesday, three days after the tragedy of the flight of Ethiopian Airlines.

"So far our review of the record shows no performance problem and provides no reason to order the immobilization of this aircraft," says the Federal Aviation Agency, FAA, in a statement.

In addition, "the other aviation authorities (civil) did not provide us with any data that would justify such a measure," she continues.

She says she will not hesitate to take "immediate and appropriate" action should she ever discover an anomaly in her review of Ethiopian Airlines flight 302, whose black boxes have been recovered and should deliver the scenario (s). of the accident.

By choosing not to nail down the fleet of 737 MAX 8s, of which American Airlines and Southwest are the main client companies in the United States, the FAA is backing up, ignoring the pressures of American policies and especially the gradual closing of the sky this aircraft, two of which crashed in less than five months.

After bans from France, the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) suspended all the flights of the MAX 8 and MAX 9, whether they destination, or within the European Union, whether the operators are European or from third countries. Latest, Serbia announced Wednesday to comply with this ban.

Donald Trump spoke on Tuesday with Boeing boss Dennis Muilenburg. The US president has also cracked a tweet deploring the complexity of modern aircraft.

This issue is all the more sensitive for the US executive as the Boeing are part of the trade negotiations between Washington and Beijing.

- Camoufllet -

So far, the FAA has simply requested changes to automated systems including the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) that helps to prevent the 737 MAX from stalling.

Many US officials have urged this authority to apply the precautionary principle after the accident of an Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX 8 that killed 157 people on Sunday, a few months after the tragedy struck an aircraft of the same type in the Indonesian airline Lion Air, making 189 casualties.

"The FAA should change its position and immobilize this plane in the United States until security is guaranteed," asked Senator Elizabeth Warren, Democratic presidential candidate for the US presidential election of 2020, while Republican Senator Ted Cruz ruled that "it would be prudent for the United States to temporarily ground the 737 MAX".

In the wake of Europe, India announced that it was nailing the 737 MAX. And on Wednesday, New Zealand, Vietnam and Hong Kong followed suit. Currently, no Vietnamese company is flying 737 MAX, but the low cost carrier Vietjet has ordered 200.

Conversely, Canada remained in solidarity with the United States by continuing to fly the MAX 8. Air Canada Boeing 737 MAX departed Tuesday without its passengers from Martinique, consequence of the ban by France from these devices to its airspace.

The flight ban for a recent airplane is an unprecedented snub in the history of civil aviation. However, it should not unduly disrupt global air traffic. Entered service in May 2017, some 370 aircraft of this family fly around the world today, while about 19,000 aircraft of at least 100 passengers are in service internationally, all models combined, according to Airbus data. .

Investors have sanctioned Boeing, for whom the 737 MAX is an essential program. The stock plunged 6.15% Tuesday after having already sold 5.33% the day before.

- Panic of American passengers -

Flight crews and passengers in the United States have also shown concern, many now refusing to board this aircraft.

The flight crew union, representing employees of American Airlines, encouraged its members not to board a 737 MAX 8 if they did not feel safe.

Before Europe, Asia had launched the offensive against the medium-haul of Boeing, including suspensions or prohibitions of flights in Australia to Singapore and especially China, where 76 of these aircraft were delivered.

If the causes of this accident are not yet known, the accident at Lion Air had focused attention on the angle of attack sensors (AOA) connected to the aircraft stabilization system (MCAS). A malfunction of these tools may put the device "stung" instead of the pitch up, because of a misjudgment that the aircraft is in stall

At the crash site, Ethiopian investigators were joined by a Boeing technical team and US investigators from the civil aviation authorities.

The two black boxes were found Monday, one containing the technical data of the flight, the other the recording of discussions and alarms in the cockpit. They could be exploited by the NSTB, another regulator of American air transport.

Asked by AFP, the latter declined to comment, noting that the communication was the responsibility of the Ethiopian authorities.

Source: Seychelles News Agency

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