Speech of President Seychelles, Mr. Danny Faure 27 May 2019


Ser frer e ser pep seselwa.

It gives me a great smile for my addresses.

As they know, next year, there will be an election presidential election. I think, of course, before the presidential election is held, to answer a question.

After many reflections, I would like to advertise you, my decision to address the matter and the fundamental right to electoral decisions. Yes, for the people of Seychelles, I decided.

In 1993, the People Seychellois ruled on the Constitution of the Republic of the United States that did not allow any Seychellois to remain in office in the Presidential Election, or in a National Assembly election or in a referendum.

After 26 years, the debate will continue to take place if any of the ones living abroad will have to vote or not. As a people we need to do, the Constitution and Electoral Law reflected the Covenant of the Seychellois people.

For me, it is an issue that if any of these are left in the election, Seychelles should not be elected by either the National Assembly or by the President of the Republic. I believe that we want our society to be just the people of Seychelles that will make that decision.

In line with the electoral law, I am requesting the Election Observation to organize a referendum on the matter and fundamental issues that the Seychellois people have addressed.

What matters is that any Seychellois who resides abroad should be registered as a vote and vote in any election organized by Seychelles? Yes or No.

Under the law, just as the President of the Republic has the prerogative to hold the size of election commissions for which a referendum is held.

Starting Monday, May 28th, the commission of election I officially call for you to let you have 7 days in law with you and to determine the date of the referendum will be made.

If you have a 60% electorate, you will be able to submit a draft case to the National Assembly. The call to the election process will make it a crucial issue for a Seychellois nation that has been set to vote in any election that is organized by Seychelles.

Tanto I also invite citizens to take part in an active debate on this size. I request the media to organize programs. I hope that the size of this size is done in a way that demonstrates our maturity and that ultra-electoral electorate is a good decision.

The second size that I want to do is the Presidential Election that will be held next year. This is one of the most important historical moments for which the Seychellois Pepper has made it or is really the way it is for the President.

Our constitution is very clear.

Any eligible citizen can be as a Presidential candidate. Citizens can come together and form part of a political party and nominate a presidential election.

What is important is the law that needs to be followed and respected.

The Mandate Electoral Mandate is to ensure that all modern laws are in place for the election of Presidential Election 2020 I to abolish a legally legal framework.

My wish is that the Seychellois people express their willingness to join their President in a peaceful, stable atmosphere. And I have to respect different ways and tolerance of our entry.

We can simultaneously build our democracy as true to Seychelles and Seychelles.


Ser frer e ser pep seselwa.

On May 26, exactly exactly 2 years since I publicly issued my statement

What a President to be for Seychellois.

I decided not to take part in a Political Parties and not to form members of the Central Committee.

Today, I am convinced that I am the only one in the interest of the Seychellois Seychelles and Seychelles. Through my decisions and the principles that I am aware of, the world is working for all Seychellois.

The world remains a president for all Seychellois.

The world follows one of the thoughts that say, that Seychelles remains the greatest of us all. This is what I think in my work. The world works very well for Seychelles and welcomes our Pep. We are building our pavilions very well. The man has a new symbol of the Presidency. Work does not end. Work is ongoing ...

Tanto, I would like to thank the people of Seychelles for the support they have given me in my work.

I tell you a great mere.

Today I swear that their servers and the hospitality of the people are all the same as my own people as the candidates of the Election Presidency in 2020.

I'm doing this for Seychelles.

I will soon be my part, who is a member of the world, for 39 years to support my candidacy.


Dear brothers and sisters,

I thank you for listening to me tonight.

I ask God to continually bless our people.

I have renewed my commitment to continuing the workforce to Seychelles and to Seychelles.

Seychelles, I remain the greatest of all ours !!!!

Mersi e bonzwar.

Source: State House, Office of the President of the Seychelles