Speech by President Danny Faure to the National Assembly

Mr. Speaker,

Honorable Leader of the Opposition,

Honorable Leader of Government Business,


Dear Brothers and Sisters Seychellois people,


1. Mr. Speaker, making me a great pleasure to address the National Assembly today. I would like to begin my skills by saying, Mr. Speaker, we are working well and he cohabitation healthy. The important thing is to have this willingness to work together for Seychelles and the Seychellois people. We, as leaders that respect the will of the people of Seychelles, we are giving this "Leadership" which are critical to bring Seychelles crease before. So today, I salute the role that the National Assembly is playing for the cause of democracy in the Seychelles.

2. Mr. Speaker, today I will touch on many important subjects for our country. Ma began by explaining certain principles lead program Government with regard to good governance, accountability, and transparency.

3. One of the policies introduced world, is to bring our citizens outputs either the private sector or in civil society as well to lead and become members on board the agencies, public enterprises and regulatory authorities. This is in line with policy to create a government that is more enklisif, and gave an opportunity for our citizens to play a very important role in our development.

4. Mr. Speaker, the role of ministries is to give this direction in terms of policies and infrastructure developments. They are there to measure and evaluate the performance of organizations which fall under their responsibility. The agencies, public enterprises and regulatory authorities you receive your direction comes from Qing Board appointed. The chief executive I have their mandate from their Board. Meaning that the chief executive is being its mandate comes from Board. In line with the principles of good governance, not to "micro-manage" the authorities, agencies and public enterprises. We are not to interfere in the operation and activities of these agencies, public enterprises and authorities. Government through the Minister, we give guidelines in terms of policy, writes, with fetching Board. This directive is being discussed in the Board for sound implementation.

5. In what konsernn band great investment, also public enterprises and authorities, they need to be approval Ministry of Finance, which had the responsibility of evaluating the impact of these risks and investment on the country's economic as well as on the national budget. All these are part of new lareg that must be followed.

6. Today I also demand regulatory authorities, agencies and public enterprises to carry out their functions according to the law governing them, according to their mandate, according to policy. That they improve their internal communication system, where workers are being put aware direction they're heading. Tret that their workers in a way that only.

7. In line with more transparency, we have decided that also tendered will also be announced on the radio as of August this year. What is important is that our citizens know that cross is being tendered and if i want to take par in the tender, there are opportunities to make it.

8. I made five years this year since IDC were asked by the government to enter into construction activities on commercial basis. Government believe that the time has come for IDC outputs in the sector and focus more on its mandate for the development of the islands. I have until the end of next year to do so.

9. Mr. Speaker, we have a satisfying task before we do that institutions, authorities and agencies, their law is being amended to reflect the new principles of good governance. Our law "procurement" for example, he established called d'system in cases where participants in the tender procedure or not satisfied with the results tender. I plan Government fines law where necessary so that this system called d'exists in all other laws. This is aimed at promoting accountability and good governance.

10. Constitutional authorities Lapwentwan in fringe commend individuals for Appointees in line with the constitution and laws. This authority publishes in the vacancies in zournal. I interesting to see that a number of our citizens have gotten ahead to show their interest. In various documents in what authorities submitted to me, I see that there are lareg very clear that they follow. They practice "interview" with the applicant, once what was to be done, they submit their recommendation to me. In line with the Constitution and the law, I do consulting, and in the spirit of working together, I shall also consult Leader of the Opposition before I take a final decision.

11. Following the recommendation's Constitutional Authority Appointees, the world consult Leader of the Opposition and the world appointed personable, Vice personable and a new Board members on SBC. Other members have been nonminen by other organizations according to law. New Board SBC in "interview" several applicants, and personable Board has submitted a recommendation for new Chief Executive and new Deputy Chief Executive. World receive the documents on Thursday 20 July. In line with the new law, I will now consult Speaker National Assembly and Chief Justice Court supreme.

12. Government is also finalizing another new law that there would mandate on Appointees also strips officers in the public service. Also "vacancy" will be published and there will lannons on radio. Wages undertaken by the new Commission on the public service. We have Seychellois able and competent, and we need to build trust in Seychellois.

13. With transparency, good governance and accountability, independent institutions and authorities will continue to be increased. There is a necessity that all our citizens to be informed and educated on the various roles and authorities lentstitisyon exists today. To information and knowledge, our citizens are in a better position for enjoying what the state puts at their disposal. To information and knowledge, napa room for confusion.

14. We citizens also has a role to play in promoting the principles of transparency, accountability, and good governance. None of our citizens who have any complaints or any proof on any action dezonnet, corrupt, evil is apropos, abuse power, and where the law is being broken, or human rights their fellow citizens are being violated or abused, I should without fear still approach institutions and authorities concerned, so that justice be applied.

15. Mr. Speaker, following the ruling in the Court of Appeal on 7 December 2012, decided to establish a world court for administrative aims to solve the cases of those land compensation in line with the Constitution, curl presizaman part 3, under Schedule 7.

16. The world also decided to create two special courts to address the compensation linked to abuse in the past military and by military, Qing affect some of our citizens. This too is in the Police and abuse by police. It is my sincere desire that our firm this chapter.

17. We have the Ombudsman, Anti Corruption Commission, and Police Commission on Human Rights. In relation to police, not to "micro-manage" Police. It is not the role of Minister for contributing to the progress of Police. Constitution is clear about the role of Commissioner of Police.

18. Responsibilities Commissioner of Police is contributing to the progress of Police, for os level professionalism and standards in the Police so that the Seychellois people trust in police.

19. The expectations of our population is that police is doing his job according to the law. What concerns our citizens are taken seriously. I acknowledge that the police have a powerful challenge.

20. The Government has recently led demand with government technical England to carry on lodit complete system lenvestigasyon in police with the aim of taking measures to put the children on this standard it deserves. We have also decided that next year we will make investments in a laboratory "forensics". Government of India to support us in this project.

21. Mr. Speaker, good governance, transparency and accountability is also apply to businesses, civil society and political parties. It is important as a society what the principle is reflected in the organization and promote economic, social, civic and political. If we all apir development of our organization on such principles, we will contribute to increase transparency, accountability and good governance.

22. Governance Electoral Commission to improve when Assembly approval of a new law that makes separation between fetching Commission, and the Chief Executive Board.

23. Mr. Speaker, I believe that the time has come for the country to create a special fund for presidential elections and the National Assembly. This fund, ia receive money both years through the national budget. Band candidate to take par in the elections, their campaign expenses to come out of this fund. This responsibility fund falls under the mandate of Elections. This will contribute towards the transparency and ascertain where money is concerned in the election campaign. E is also in line with the desire to make a more level playing field. What if this idea is being accepted by the Electoral Commission, he will necessitates a new law for parliamentary approval.

24. Fitir Seychelles are not to be dictated by the power of money. It is the people who merit dictate the political direction of our country.

25. Mr. Speaker, one of the major pre-occupation mounts today, is how we will sustain our population who are living longer. In 2016, for the first time in our history, of women in Seychelles was living in average, until age 80 years. Men are living on average until almost 70 years.

26. In view of these statistics, we can not mazinn sustainability without which we consider our responsibility. We who can still work. And that responsibility for the young generations are rising, which had the responsibility teeth as fitir will handle us and care for us.

27. This brings me to talk about pensions. As you know, retirement pensions are also our citizens received at age 63 years of people from the national budget. And that somber today is 5,050 rupees per month.

28. And any citizens who have contributed in line with the Pension Fund, they can are enjoying pension at age 60, in line with their contributions.

29. The fact that we have a population which is living longer, Government believe that the time for our n'arive prepare our population for an increase in retirement age. We think that 5 years notice is appropriate. That is why is the Government will present in amendments to the law before the end of this year, where retirement age to 63 years and for outputting gotten 65. What if the National Assembly gives its approval, he will become effective As from January 2023 year.

30. Another is for amendments in the law the Pension Fund where age pension for outputs 60 and 63 years to come. It is also effective for As from January 2023.

31. This is very important if we are to address the issue of sustainability.

32. These are decisions we need to take as a country, always in the interest of Seychelles.

33.Sanzman in the law is only part of this solution. But a population that lives longer depends on the services such as health, provision of carers Home program, housing, transportation, recreation facilities, if in two suites. Questions we ask ourselves is how can we sustain all these services and all these programs.

34. The solution and our. Our workforce Seychelles. Let us control our destiny country. Seychelles destiny in our hands. As a small country in the middle of a ocean. We less 95,000 citizens. Today, we live in harmony into brothers and sisters. We need to put us together. We need to increase our national productivity, reinforce our discipline in all aspects of our life, and take our responsibilities seriously in our family. That is the key for these children who are caught up, that we who are working, and to the elderly who need to live their retirement in dignity.

35. Mr. Speaker, on the shoulders generations are rising, there are satisfying task and a responsibility thumping. They are the ones over the next workforce who need to take care of Seychelles and the Seychellois nation.

36. We own future depends on this effort that we put on that we want them to come. We this workforce today, we need Buz our energy and our attention to this generation. And double our efforts to take care of this generation more elderly, Qing cradled us and care for Seychelles.

37. Mr. Speaker, cross should change?

38. educational system from January 2018 to direct so that schools can this institution, get more control over the education of our children. Headteacher and his team i take complete control on administration of schools, including decisions on discipline. When we play a leading ministries, schools, parents, teachers and students in finishing. My own children are in secondary school Beau Vallon. He knows that his parents are expected of it. I know quite cross that school is expected of it. I know the consequences if lareg is broken. As parents I do not interfere. As President, I will not interfere. Both schools do its work.

39. With that autonomously from leading schools, the Government will also increase the resources and tools necessary to do their work. Time when our small "micro-manage" schools in finish. Administrators schools is being loryantasyon sound comes from the school board.

40. Also post-secondary Institutions will also operate their own budget and have direct control over their administration.

41. Parents, we need to realize that when we put a child on earth, that we are their first Educators. And when we children attend school, let us continue to support our children. Let us be involved in their development and carry apir of teachers and administration of schools.

42. Let us beware the notice-, feedbacks, and video clip we put on different platforms on social networks today. Without that we realize, we are helping sow legren negativity poison the minds of our children and youth from a very young age. We all have a collective responsibility to promote the good moral and spiritual in our children and youth.

43. Children, youth Seychelles, please, use the opportunities they have to learn, learn and learn. Seychelles future and the future of our people depends on what they are doing today and what they summer tomorrow.

44. Another thing we need is to change our life style. Lifestyles today are affecting our health, are impacted on the health budget, and are affecting our national productivity. The solution and our. Let us take control over our life style. Our health is our responsibility. Let us make time to do exercise. Let us review what we consume. Konsonm glue moderation. Sanz attitude takes time, and sometimes is difficult. Only when we receive this alert, and we understand the urgency to achieve this change, we need to act.

45. When we rise tomorrow morning, let us take this decision to help our own body and our country. Let us adopt a good life style. Whoever does not intend to put pressure on our own health. One who will help us to national productivity. I encourage and congratulate all citizens Qing finished taking this decision to adopt a good life style.

46. Today, our economy is one with a formal workforce that has 45.684 people according to most recent statistics. Level "unemployment" during the same period small 4.7%. And in this almost 45.684 people in tyer i foreigners. 1,328 in the public sector, and 13.213 in the private sector.

47. This shows that our economy is not one to be able to operate easily without foreigners.

48. May, Mr. Speaker, that I am convinced, is that it is important that Government put more efforts to help us Seychellois Buz highest at work where they are today. Mechanisms for achieving this vary by airline and by sector. May through Employment and Immigration, which today is one Ministry to facilitate this exercise, I am convinced that we can facilitate more "knowledge-transfer" comes from foreigners to come to Seychellois coast. One way in time, our Seychellois to become more sinnyor and shall be granted more responsibilities in the various companies that are underway Seychelles.

49. Mr. Speaker, next year he will do in decades, that is a decade, since Seychelles embark on fundamental reforms of our economy. During all year, economic growth of almost 4% per year, on average, and we have had macro-economic stability. Our reserves of foreign currency in the Central Bank has increased. Our debt has reduced. Our budget in balance. We have become the first countries in the Indian Ocean to reach the status "High Income Country" with the World Bank.

50. May, Mr. Speaker, we also recognize that development apes reach where we also race population and economic sectors. Certain sectors like Agriculture i illustrate what I am saying. Among the districts, as, infrastructure developments in varied.

51. There is a wide variation in the quality of life in different racing population. During my itinerary, in each district that world visit so far, the world see true development that made me proud, but the world as seen poverty reel Qing sagrinn me.

52. growths from now i have to become more enklisif. Development also need to become more enklisif. Napa racing populations should be left behind. E dignity bags citizens needs to be preserved at all costs.

53. Mr. Speaker, next year will do exactly five years since the National Assembly Approves Law gives small framework for salaries in the public sector. The time has come for an exercise be done on the merits and weaknesses, and see how we can improve this structure.

54. Small and medium businesses are functioning in an environment very competitive. It is important that new policy reflects this dynamic and we need to put frameworks to support these businesses. For this reason the world premiere one Ministry which is responsible for small and medium businesses, public enterprises, Business Innovation as well as industry.

55. Mr. Speaker, interest charged on bank loan in size in pre-Qing okip you. Central Bank decision to review the way in which he implements monetary policy to have a more positive impact of direct and on the interest rates that did not exist before. Its application has entered anfors as of the 19 July this year.

56. Both three months, Central Bank is set on a target arrivals fluidity assumed there in the economy and this in turn determinn if interest rates on financial markets down Either climb. This target, which is applicable to this third quarterback year 2017 is expected to be transmitted in a decline in interest rates on the loan. For lendividi, this means that the repayment profile on their loan be reduced. For business, i mean for access to finance more affordable, which will facilitate investment on their windscreen.

57. This monetary policy which is "relax" brings with it a risk of increase in consumption on the individual level. One way to reduce this risk in consumption is our approach at international level individual and businesses, which is a must cautious - targeted towards investment. After all, all those individuals together i form a nation. All the businesses along i form an economy. This means, we all have a responsibility, and our responsibility is collective.

58. What is important for the banks, is to oryant band Lohan ver the productive sectors. Investment i have an important role in the growth enklisif, that's also contributing towards the development of other sectors that need it inject oxygen.

59. I encourage individuals, where this is possible, to invest in the new instruments that ready in August. This is because in a small open economy like Seychelles which depends very much on the importation, in increases in consumption is being transmitted in more imports, which means more pressure on the foreign exchange demand. More demand for foreign exchange is linked to an increase in commodity prices and service levels in the marker, and the result cost of living is rising.

60. To ensure that the increase in prices on a level not alarming, the Central Bank to adjust its monetary policy in line with its primary objective to ensure that changes in the price remains on a acceptable level.

61. The aim of this change in monetary policy is to increase investment in the economy and in menmtan maintain a stable macro-economic situation. I appeal with the private sector to do that those benefits associated with the change in monetary policy is reached where they help consumers and reduce our cost of living.

62. The Government will continue to consolidate its partnership with all sectors and economic operators. For private sector plan their business and their strategic plan, they need sertitid in economic direction the country. As already announced government will begin working on a Vision 2032 National Development Strategy 2018-2022 and we. This will be conducted with consultation of all the partners. Once this vision and this strategic plan is being adopted in June 2018, we had a week ever clearer vision and a Seychelles coast want to go long-term, and how can we realize this vision together.

63. Mr. Speaker, in May this year, I mentioned that I will provide more details on KIS, exactly constitutes "Keep It Simple". Spraying the simplification procedure, he will make life easier for all who do business and depend on government services. For example, he will allow us to increase the collection of taxes that we need to increase tax levels. Our aim is to simplify the collection process, and make the system more just in all sectors.

64. We have had delays finishing elaborate a comprehensive system; to allow a conversation with the private sector on the impact of these changes; and make changes in the legal structure necessary for his implementation as of 2018.

65. Details on this final concept KIS will be presented by Minister of Finance when he presented the 2018 budget towards the end of October.

66. Mr. Speaker, I would like to announce that there will any increases in taxes or in the "loads and fees" for next year. This decision is important because it helps the private sector will have more confidence in the economy and sertitid Seychelles. And so that they could better plan their activities, which in turn will contribute in the economy.

67. Whilst sector is one with its importance in the economy of Seychelles. However, today I want to talk about these two sectors is directly linked to food security. This is agriculture and fisheries. Responsibility to ensure that the agricultural sector and fisheries have the necessary infrastructure to bring this sector into another level is the responsibility of government. Sela is feed that government has decided that from January 2018 to have a special fund on the development of infrastructure in this sector with a somber SR 50m. A team project implementation will be employed and dedicated only to the implementation of projects financed by this special fund.

68. Government has to realize that he needed that level of assistance that the two operators in this sector is received from the agencies needs increase. It is also important, that the agencies and authorities in the two sectors of the labor force will be the resources and necessary - for apir development in the two sectors.

69. Mr. Speaker, where there is poverty reel, Government gives to his commitment to address the situation in a comprehensive way. We work closely with our "leaders" in the community. We work through the Task Force on Corgate Estate is based on a solid partnership EFI illustrate this commitment level. Has shown us that we need to adjust our policies, improve our programs and services, and as well change our approach in assistance. A new approach more co-ordinen necessary. One centered on citizens with the aim of student quality of life of our family. What is clear, Mr. Speaker, is that agencies need for social protection to increase its capacity for which assistance is not just a financial that, but there is one that lakonpayman monitoring and support for this family. Ministry of Family i have an important role to playing the measures that we change our approach and our policy. We can not both people behind. Dignity bags citizens needs to be preserved at all costs.

70. Irrespective with the work that the Government is doing to ensure that social assistance is one more co-ordinen, we feel that there is a need to review the level of financial assistance that our people worthy servants receive. This will be effective from September 1 this year.

71. Mr. Speaker, we will not be able to talk about social situations and preserving dignity all our citizens, without which I address the situation home. We house situation has happened in public criticism. Over and above the measures already announced world in February this year, and which is being implemented, I would like to inform Assembly that we have decided on Perseverance highlights later disposition the private sector to become still build at least 250 units. These measures mean that Government ia in a position to focus on the planning and construction of another 250 housing units in the district and in the region.

72. Following my discussions with governments UAE, there are a commitment to support construction 400 units distributed on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.

73. Whatever effort is being done with the aim to increase the number of houses that provision of our citizens who are in good years are making sacrifices and long live in hope.

74. This is the base housing problems many of our social problems. Month, I understand the situation of our people, and I wish to reassure them that every effort is being put to address the situation.

75. I acknowledge that in land allocation, the Government needs to set things straight. Assembly debate on earth has made agriculture, and world demand for new ministers would once and for all, put an order in the land as agriculture. In relation to land that falls under the industrial authorities, this is their authorities that from now on have the mandate to make the allocation of land in the Industrial Zone. We will present amendments to the law to reflect this new policy. The law also will make provision to include a mechanism d'called. Before any vacant plots of state where a company or a lendividi i have a "lease" and where they want to sell or transfer this lease, you need to pass through a Commission which had the mandate to make recommendations before the Government gives its approval is final. This is in line with National Assembly resolution adopted on 28 June this year.

76. Mr. Speaker, drugs is a problem society. It affects the health of our people. I create domestic problems in the family. It brings pain, suffering in the family. It affects national security of our country. E is linked to organized crime in the region.

77. As a small population, and we, this workforce today, the backbone of our society, we need to resist this scourge that has destroyed the potential workforce Seychelles.

78. The solution is with us too. So we need to adopt a more co-ordinen approach in the fight against drugs. New thyme coast NDEA are doing their work. They deserve our full support. We should not interfere in their work. Government finalizing new projects of laws that will create a special agencies that will bring all the partners and representatives of key ministries and agencies together. Its mandate is to put them together to address the size and prevansyan reabilitisyon the victims, and education and Information, that our people need to have on drugs.

79. Mr. Speaker, we very contemporary political life shows us that an Assembly Member is gone, and Assembly Member he came, Leader of the Opposition is going, Leader of the Opposition is coming, Leader of Government go, Leader of Government come. Speaker i go, i come Speaker. President's visit, the President is coming. What is important is that we all discharge our responsibilities under oath that we took and we respect the Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles. We do our work in a way honest and sincere. We put the interests of Seychelles and the Seychellois nation above all other considerations. We work hard, and very hard, for Seychelles. We remain servants of the Seychellois people.

80. Dear compatriots, we are writing to a new chapter. One who milked prometan for our country. In a Seychelles where we work together to overcome all our challenges. In a Seychelles where we have respect for different opinions. In a Seychelles that unites us all, despite our differences. In a Seychelles where we all feel we live free and proud. In a Seychelles that infuses what's right in each one of us.

In the Seychelles which will always remain greater than you.

Thank you Mr. Speaker.

Source: State House, Office of the President of Seychelles

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