Speech by Danny Faure with the National Assembly

Mr. Speaker,

Honorable Leader Opposition,

Onorab Leader Zafer Government,


The brothers and sisters of Seychelles,


1. Mr Speaker, I make a great welcome to address the National Assembly today. I was happy to begin my speech, Mr Speaker, that our co-operation is well-rounded and healthy. There is a desire to work together for Seychelles and to Seychelles. We, as leaders who respect the will of the people of Seychelles, will be given the "Leadership" that we need to bring to our Seychelles. So, today I applaud the National Assembly to deepen the democracy in Seychelles.

2. Mr. Speaker, today I will take on a number of important issues for our country. I started by explaining some of the principles governing the Government's governance regarding good governance, accountability, and disability.

3. The most important political issues are to bring citizens from outside the private sector or in civil society for leadership and also to become members of the Board of Governors, public entities and regulatory authorities. This is in line with the policy to create a more inclusive government, and to provide our citizenship opportunities for two key role in the development of our country.

4. Mr. Speaker, the role of ministers is to provide this direction in terms of policy and infrastructure development. They are for measuring and evaluating the performance of the corporations that fall under their responsibility. Governments, public enterprises and regulatory authorities will have their guidance from the Board of Governors. The executive boards are assigned their mandate to the board. The chief executive officer is his mandate from the board. In line with the principles of good governance, we are not responsible for the "micro-manage" of the authorities, the society and the public. We are not here to engage in the cooperation and activities of these companies, public enterprises, and authorities. Government through the Ministries, we give policy guidelines, in writing, with the Chairman Board. These guidelines are discussed in the Board for Sound Effects.

5. In the light of the major investment, all public and private entities, you must have the Minister of Finance, which has the responsibility to evaluate the risks and risks of investment in the country's economy as well as the national budget. It also forms part of the new learner needs to be followed.

6. Today, I also demand regulatory authority, society and the public enterprise to carry out their functions according to the laws governing you, according to the mandate, according to the policy. They improve their communication system, where the worker gets the current direction you are going. What are your employees doing in the same way?

7. In line with more carelessness, we have decided to also tender to announce an outcast radio this August. What is important is that our citizens know the tendency to be tender and if they want to be tender, there is an opportunity to do it.

8. It takes five years since the IDC has been demanded by the Government to enter into commercial trading activities. Government is aware of the timing of the IDC's outcome in this sector and focuses more on the development of the island's development. It will be up to the end of this year's next year.

9. Mr Speaker, we have a look at our institutions, authorities, and agencies, their law has been amended to reflect new principles of good governance. For example, our "procurement" law establishes the call system in which the participant can not be satisfied with the procedure or tender result. He plans the government to amend law when it is necessary that the system of appeal exist in all other jurisdictions. This is the purpose of promoting a good governance and good governance.

10. The Constitutional Council authorizes several individuals to cooperate with the constitution and the law. This is a public authority in publications vacancies. It is interesting to note that many of our citizens have come to the forefront of showing their interest. In the documents that the authorities say in my address, I see that there is a clear statement that they follow. They "interview" with the applicant, once they have done so, they are submitting to my remarks. In line with the Constitution and the law, my consultation, and in that spirit working together, I also consult the Opposition Leader before making a final decision.

11. Following the constitutional mandate of the Supreme Court, the Council of Opposition Leaders and the Chairman of the Board, Vice-Chairmen and a new member of the SBC Board. Members of the League are not elected by other law enforcement agencies. The new board of SBC is interviewed by a number of applicants, and the Board of Directors commends the new Executive Enforcement and the new Executive Deputy Executive Board. The recipient of the 20-Zilyet documentary on Thursday. In line with the new law, I will be following the National Assembly Speaker and the Supreme Court of Appeal.

12. Government will also finalize a draft law that will cover all mandates of public service. Also, "vacancy" will be published and available on radio stations. The payment will be made by the new Commission on Public Servis. We have Seychellois capable and competent, and we need to trust in Seychellois.

13. With the transparency, good governance and accountability, the integrity of the institutions and the authorities will continue to increase. There is a need that our citizens are enforced and educated on the role of diverse institutions and authorities existing today. With information and knowledge, our citizens are in a better position to attract what the state has put in place. With information and knowledge, there is no room for confusion.

14. Our citizens also have a role to play in promoting the principles of transparency, accountability, and good governance. None of us are citizens who have no complaints or denials of any deed, corruption, misdemeanor, lust, and lawless offense, or human rights violations are being violated or abused, without having to pay attention to the institutions The authorities are aware of what legalism is being implemented.

15. Speaker, following a ruling on the December 7, 2012, the Council decided to establish an administrative court that would have the resources to spare any later than that of the Constitution, especially Part 3, under Schedule 7.

16. It is also my duty to set up a special court for addressing liens with military spending, and by the military, to affect our own citizens. This is also a matter of police and police. It is my sincere wish that we are the sapphire.

17. We have Ombudsman, Anti Corruption Commission, Police and Commission on Human Rights. Concerning Police, we are not here for the "micro-manage" Police. It's not the role of the Minister for Police. The Constitution clarifies the role of the Police Commissioner.

18. The Commissioner's responsibility is to take the Police off to the professionalism and standards of the Police so that the Seychellois people have confidence in the Police.

19. Our people's inspection is that the police are doing their job by law. What concerns our citizens are taking seriously. I am convinced that the police have a big challenge.

20. Government recently addressed the technical support of the Langleter Government to make a complete agreement on the pilot system in the police and to take the necessary measures to make it the standard that it deserves. We have also decided that next year we will invest in a "forensics" laboratory. Government Wool to support us in this project.

21. Mr. Speaker, good governance, carelessness and accountability as well as applications for businesses, civil society, and political parties. It is important as a society that these principles are being promoted and reflected in the economic, social, civic, and political organizations. If we are also focusing on the development of our organizations on these principles, we will contribute to the growth of the economy, the realization and the good governance.

22. The Governor's Electoral Commission to improve the Assembly approves a new law that separates between the Chairman of the Commission and the Executive Board of the Commission.

23. Mr. Speaker, I believe that the time has come for the country to hold a special fund for the election of the Presidency and the National Assembly. This fundraisers also benefit from both national and national budgets. The candidates will take part in the election, and their expenses will be paid off. Responsibility of the Valley of Grace under Electoral Election. This will contribute to the transparency and accountability of the money in the election campaign. And it is also in line with this desire to make the most of the world. And if that idea is to be accepted by the Electoral Commission, it will need a draft law for the National Assembly to convene.

24. Seychelles will not have to be dictated by cash. It is the people who deserve to dictate the political direction of our country.

25. Mr. Speaker, one of my greatest pre-occupations today, is our ultimate goal to sustain our population. In 2016, for the first time in our history, the Seychellois women were living on average, up to 80 years. People live in averages up to 70 years old.

26. In view of these statistical statutes, we can not take account of our inherent obligations. We are still working. And that's the responsibility of young zeneration that is coming up, which will have the responsibility to take care of our occupation and care for us.

27. That's why I'm paying for a pension. As you know, pension retretions that our citizens are honored to be 63 years old from the national budget. And that's the worst tonight of 5,050 roups per month.

28. And any citizen who has contributed to the Pension Fund will be able to afford the pension in 60 years, in line with their contributions.

29. As we have a long-standing population, Government is aware of the timing of preparing our population for lending in return. We think the 5-note notices are appropriate. It is the government that will file a warrant in law before the end of the year, which will be retired from 63 years and will be 65 years old. And if the National Assembly gives its support, it will be effective as early as the first year of 2023.

30. Another amendment to the Pension Fund will be paid for the 60's and will be 63 years old. It will also be effective on the first of January 2023.

31. This is very important if we are eager to address sustainability issues.

32. These are the decisions we need to take as a country, always in the interest of Seychelles.

33.The law is only part of this solution. But a long-standing population depends on home health services, Home Career programs, lodging, transportation, recreational facilities, high speeds. The question we ask ourselves is how we can support all these services and all these programs.

34. Solution with us. We, the worker of Seychellois. It is our control of our country. The Seychelles destiny is in our hands. We have a few peasants who have lost their lives. We are less than 95,000 citizens. Today, we live in harmony with our brothers and sisters. We need to stick together. We need to increase our national productivity, strengthen our disciplines in our own life, and take our responsibilities seriously in our family. That's why it's up to those kids who are getting up, working for us, and for those who need to live in retaliation.

35. Speaker Speaker, the zeal that is rising, has a latrines and a tremendous responsibility. This is the work of the workers who need to take care of Seychelles and Seychelles.

36. Our future is dependent upon what we put into our desire to come. We are working hard today, we need our energy and our attention to this generation. And we double our efforts to take care of this zeneration, our bers and care for Seychelles.

37. Speaker Speaker, what should be crucial?

38. As a result of the education of the Institute in 2018, it is more important for the education of our children. Headteacher and his team took control of the school administration, including decision making on disciplines. Our two ministers, schools, parents, seniors and students end up. My child is in the school of Beau Vallon. I know what his parents expect from him. It is well known that schools expect it to be expected. He knows the consequences of breaking. My parents do not interfere. As President, I do not interfere. The school does not work.

39. With the school's autonomy, government will also increase the resources and tools necessary to work. At the end of the school, we had a "micro-manage" school in the end. The school administrator is from the school guidance counselor.

40. The Pos Segonder Institution will also have their own budget and have the control over their administration.

41. Parents, we need to realize that when we have a child, we are your first educator. When our children go to school, let's continue to support our children. Join us in their development and get involved with the welfare and school administration.

42. Take note of the remarks, comments, and videos that we have posted on the platform of social networking today. Without a doubt, we are helping the legacy of negativity that poison our minds to our children and the youth of a very young person. We also have a collective responsibility for promoting good moral values in our children and ours.

43. Children, Seychelles, have many opportunities to learn, learn, and learn. Lavenir Seychelles and the future of our people depends on what they are doing today and what they will be for tomorrow.

44. Another thing we need to keep in mind is our style of life. Our life style today affects our health, impacts our health, and affects our national productivity. Solutions and ours. Let's take a look at our style of life. Our health is our responsibility. Let's wait for legitimacy. Let's revisit what we are conscious. Consolation of bounds in moderation. Breathtaking latitudes take time, and at times it is difficult. Only when we are alert, and we understand the urgency of this change, we need to be azure.

45. When we get up early, let's make that decision to help our own people and our country. Let's adopt a good style of life. The end does not put pressure on our health. The end to our national productivity. I encourage and congratulate all citizens who are able to take that decision to adopt a good life style.

46. Today our economy is one of the 45,684 formal workforce workers according to the most recent statistics. The level of "unemployment" during the same period of 4.7%. And at that, 45,684 people were very busy with foreign workers. 1,328 public sector, and 13,213 private sector.

47. It demonstrates that our economy is not one that can easily operate without foreign workers.

48. May, Mr Speaker, I am convinced that Government has put more emphasis on helping our Seychellois workers to work at their home today. The mechanism to achieve this varies according to the government and sector. But thanks to Employment and Immigration, which is now a minister for facilitating this legitimacy, I am convinced that we can facilitate more knowledge-transfer from foreign workers to the Seychellois workers. In the long run, our Seychellois will become more and more responsive in the various sectors operating Seychelles.

49. Mr. Speaker, next year, he will make a decade ago, since Seychelles has embarked on a fundamental reform of our economy. Throughout this year, our economic growth is almost 4% in average, and we have a macroeconomic stability. We keep up the money from the Central Bank. We are in a derelict. We bid in balance. We have become the first US indigenous country to reach the High Income Country with the World Bank.

50. May, Mr. Speaker, we also recognize the development of the wake of our race and economic sectors. Some countries like Lagroulet and illustrate what I'm saying. Parmi districts also, infrastructure development varies.

51. There is a great variation in the quality of life in our different race areas. In my parkour, in the distant district of the world, so far is the true development that makes me feel better, but the world is also looking at the roller coaster.

52. Depressive growth needs to be more inclusive. Development also needs to be more inclusive. We do not have the race we deserve to buy. And the sovereignty of our citizens must be given the prize.

53. Mr. Speaker, next year will make exactly five years since the National Assembly has approved the law granting public salaries. As a result of a legis- sion, we have to make merits and failures, and see how we can improve this.

54. Small and medium-sized businesses are operating in a competitive environment. It is important that the new policy reflects that dynamic and we need to support the welfare of these businesses. That is why the world's premier homeland is responsible for small and medium-sized businesses, enterprises, business and industry industries.

55. Mr. Speaker, the loan interest rate in the bulk may also be pre-paid to us. The Central Bank's decision to revisit the fact that the monetary policy implementer will have a more positive effect on the low interest rates. The sound of appeal comes into force at the 19th century this year.

56. Every third year, the Central Bank has set up a target of the liquidity of liquidity in the economy and this will be the determination of whether interest rates are either down or up. This target, applicable to that quarter of 2017, is expected to be transferred to high interest rates. For the individual, it is vital that the repayment of the loan will be reduced. For business, it is important to keep abreast of financially financially financially financially financially affordable financiers.

57. That policy monitors the "relaxation" of bringing it risk of increasing consumption of individual levels. In order to reduce this risk in consumption, we are pushing for the individual and business level, which should be cautious - targeted investment. Likewise, all parties together form a nation. All the businesses together form a growing economy. Savedir, we also have a responsibility, and our collective responsibility.

58. Important to the bank, it is designed to orient the loans in the productive sectors. Investment has an important role to play in inclusive growth, which also contributes to the development of other sectors that need this luxury.

59. I encourage individuals, as far as possible, to invest in the new outreach plan. This is because of a small economy similar to Seychelles that is largely dependent on imports, a high inflation in consumption is being transmitted in more imports, which will have more pressure on foreign exchange demand. More demand for foreign exchange has been linked to a rise in price commodity and service marts, and the result of the cost of living has risen.

60. In order to ensure that the price increases by the level of the level, the Central Bank will need to monitor the monetary policy of the monetary union with the main objective of maintaining the wage change that is respected at an acceptable level.

61. The purpose of this change in the monetary policy is to increase investment in economics and at the same time maintain a macro-economic situation that is stable. I launch a privately owned private sector to make sure that the benefits associated with this change in the monetary policy come to your consumer and help us reduce the cost of life.

62. Continuous Government consolidates its partnership with both sectors and economic operators. For the private sector to plan their business and their strategic plans, you need to be skeptical of the economic situation of the country. As we have announced the government to begin work on Vision 2032 and our National Development Strategy 2018-2022. This will be done by consulting all parties. At the end of the Vision and Strategic Plan is being adopted in Zen 2018, we will have a stronger one and a vision that Seychelles will have to go on for long term, and how to realize this vision together.

63. Mr. Speaker, in May this year, I mentioned that I would give more details on KIS, Save It Simple. By simplifying the procedure, it will make life easier for everyone who is busy and dependent on government service. For example, it will allow us to increase the collection of taxes without raising taxes. Our aim is to simplify the collection process, and to make the most of our systems.

64. We have been retired to complete a comprehensive understanding system; to enable a private conversation with these changes; and to make changes to the legal framework necessary for the purpose of implementing the 2018 outbreak.

65. The final details of the KIS Concept will be presented by the Finance Ministry at the end of the Bidze 2018 end of October.

66. Speaker, I would like to announce that no tax evasion, nor charges and fees will be spent for the next year. This decision is important because it has the privilege of securing more transparency and confidence in the Seychelles economy. And so you can better plan your cooperation, which in turn will contribute to the economy.

67. The sector also has its own importance in the Seychelles economy. But today, I want to see this as the sector that links directly to our security alimony. This is farming and fishing. Responsibility to ensure that the sectors of agriculture and fisheries have infrastructure needed to bring this sector into the level of governance responsibility. It is the case that the government has decided that apart from 2018 there will be a special fund on the development of infrastructure in the sector with SR 50m. A timely implementation of the project will be devoted to the dedication and dedication of the implementation of funded projects through this funding.

68. Government understands that the level of support that operators in this sector need to increase with the needs of the needs. It is also important, that the talents and authorities in this sector have the resources and resources necessary to develop the sector.

69. Speaker, where he has the role of roles, the Government has given his duty to address this situation in a meaningful way. We are working wisely with "leaders" in the community. We work through the Task Force on Corgate Estate based on a solid partnership and illustrating this level of commitment. In our show that we need to tackle our policies, improve our programs and services, and as well as our products. A newer coordination effort is needed. The focus of our citizens is on the quality of our families. Clearly, Mr Speaker, is the social welfare need for increasing the capacity for which it is not just a financial one but a follow-up and supportive support for that family. The Minister of Africa has an important role to play in the two measures we have been pushing ourselves and our policy. We can not afford anyone. The dignity of our citizens must be given the prize.

70. In the worst sense of what government work is being done to ensure that social welfare is more coordinated, we feel that there is a need to revitalize the financial assistance of our people who are worthy of receipt. This will take effect from September 1 this year.

71. Mr. Speaker, we are not to be able to do so on social issues and to preserve the respect of our citizens, without which my home address is located. We are home to a state-of-the-art criticism. In addition, the measures that have been announced in February of this year, and which are being implemented, I will be pleased to announce our commitment to ensuring that we have decided to step down the privilege of establishing more than 250 people. This measure aims at the Government in a position to focus on planning and building more than 250 people in districts and districts.

72. Following my discussions with the UAE Government, there is a commitment to support 400 construction projects distributed on Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue.

73. All these efforts are being made to increase the number of homes that provide for our citizens who have a good year of sacrifice and long-term expectations.

74. This problem is the basis of many of our social problems. I understand the situation of our people, and I want to see what many of us are trying to put in this situation.

75. I am convinced that in the future, the Government needs to exercise its right. The debate on the debate on agriculture, and the demand of new ministers for one more time, has also been held in the Greater Territory as well. As regards the fall of the Industrial Authority, the authorities have been disassociated with the mandate of the Industrial Zone. We will present the lawsuit to reflect new policies. The law also provides for an inclusion of appeal mechanisms. Prior to any subsequent government in the event of a bankruptcy or a lender, there is a "lease", and for the purpose of selling or transferring the lease, you will need to have a commission requiring a warrant before the government provides its final release. This is in line with the resolution that the National Assembly has adopted on the 28th of this year.

76. Speaker Speaker, drog i in problenm society. It affects our health. I have a problem home with my family. It brings suffering and sorrows. It affects the national security of our country. And it is linked to crime organized in the region.

77. We have a small population, and we, today's workers' workforce, and our society, we need to resist against the potential that can potentially deteriorate the work of the Seychellois workers.

78. The solution is also with us. So we need to adopt a broader coordination process in our struggle against drugs. The new NDEA timetables are doing their job. They also deserve our support. We must not interfere with their work. The government has launched a new draft of the law to create a special online event that will bring together all the partners and representatives of the ministry and key assets together. The mandate is to put together them to address the prevention and rehabilitation of victims of the victims, and the education and infor- mation that our people need to have in drugs.

79. Mr Speaker, our recent political life shows us that a member of the Assembly has gone, and the Assembly will come, the Opposition Lider goes, the Opposition Lider comes, the Lider Zafer Government goes, the Lider Zafer Government is coming. Speaker i go, Speaker i come. President goes, President comes. What is important is that we also have our responsibilities under the sermon we have taken and respecting the Constitution of the Seychelles. We do our work in a way that is both sincere and sincere. We have taken interest in Seychelles and Seychelles nation before all other considerations. We work hard, and very, for Seychelles. We serve the people of Seychelles.

80. Our compatriots, we will write a new sapit. The end is promising for our country. In Seychelles we work together to overcome all our challenges. In Seychelles we have to respect for different opinions. In Seychelles we are united, despite our differences. In Seychelles we also feel that we live free and feasible. We have a Seychelles inspired by our good.

In the meantime, the Seychelles will be the greatest ever.

Mersi, Mr Speaker.

Source: State House, Office of the President of the Seychelles

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