Signature of a contract for the realization of a geotechnical study of the Mascareign plateau joint management area

The Mauritius-Seychelles Joint Commission on the Extension of the Continental Shelf Beyond? 200 nautical miles will sign, on 11 January 2018 with the company Spectrum ASA, a contract for a geotechnical study of the joint management area of the Mascarene Plateau. The contract on the management of this joint area will be signed? by Dr. Rezah Badal, mandate? by the Mauritius-Seychelles Joint Commission and by Mr. Graham Mayhew, Vice-President for Africa, Middle East and Middle East of Spectrum Geo Ltd (subsidiary of Spectrum ASA).

The Joint Commission launched? a call for tenders, from the end of 2016, for a multi-client geoscientific survey of the Mascarene Plateau Joint Management Area in order to evaluate its potential in non-living resources including oil and natural gas.

This study, which will take two years to complete, will have to provide accurate basement imagery and high quality seismic data. which will help to better understand the geology of the area. These data are likely to be of interest to oil and gas companies.

Recall that in March 2011, the United Nations Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf had valid? the submission by Mauritius and Seychelles of a joint request for the extension of the continental shelf with an area of 396,000 km2. This area, lying beyond? the limits of the respective exclusive economic zone of the two countries, opens the way to? new possibilities for bilateral co-operation.

To translate this co-operation into reality, two treaties had been done? sign? s, in March 2012, during the visit? Maurice of the President of Seychelles who was the guest? of honor? the national holiday of March 12th. The first concerns the joint exercise of sovereign rights by Mauritius and Seychelles over the extensive continental shelf. The second focuses on the management of the seabed and subsoil of the extended continental shelf, and defines the framework and modalities for exploration and exploitation of the resources of the area.

Since then, Mauritius and Seychelles have been working on the definition of an appropriate legal and institutional framework. So the Joint Commission had been? set up, under the supervision of a ministerial council. The Commission is supported by a committee? technical. Several documents were e? These include the Model Petroleum Agreement, the Environment Code of Practice, the Offshore Petroleum Safety Code, and the Joint Fiscal and Taxation Code.

The Joint Commission meets regularly. The 13th meeting will be co-chaired by Mr. NK Ballah, Secretary to the Cabinet and Head of the Civil Service and Mr. P. Michaud, Special Advisor to the Vice-President of Seychelles.

Note that a second agreement will be signed? by the Mauritius / Seychelles Joint Commission and UNDP will focus on the implementation of a support project a? management of the joint zone between Mauritius and Seychelles. As a reminder, Mauritius and the Seychelles have a contiguous continental shelf with an area of 396,000 km2. In the case of a United Nations Development Program (UNDP) project, the signature of the contract will be made by Ms. Christine Umutoni, the United Nations Resident Coordinator and UNDP representative. Mauritius.

The project will be partly financed ?, a? US $ 2.2 million, by the Global Environment Facility. The total cost rising up? 17 million US dollars. Ranges? over five years, this project will help the Joint Commission in the marine spatial planning needed to? optimal management of the extended continental shelf area.

Source: Department of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Seychelles

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