Seychellois artists explore life in a visual arts exhibition

Two Seychellois artists have teamed up in a visual arts exhibition that shows different moments in people's everyday life, including the different journeys they take.

The exhibition, entitled 'Mouvman Lavi' -- Creole for 'Life Movements,' is organised by Arterial Network Seychelles. It opened last week at the Eden Arts Space -- a gallery located on Eden Island.

The art by Daniel Dodin and Zoe Chong Seng is a colourful mix of portraits and other abstract contemporary pieces. It took the two budding artists -- both lecturers at the Seychelles Institute of Art and Design -- only a few months to put together the pieces. Both have made the younger generation the centre of their artworks.

I am currently exploring contemporary life in Seychelles, with some of my work revolving around portraits of the youth, and others which explores everyday scenes of people in transit, on the move, waiting or pausing to interact with someone. This seems to be much of what occupies my life at present, said Chong Seng, 31.

Dodin's work is greatly influenced by the people around him such as PET bottle collectors and the displacement of refugees that is frequently making headlines internationally.

The new series of work that I have created for this exhibition express aspects of my everyday life in visual narrative forms. In many of my works I depict the ordinary struggles of local youngsters, many of whom are facing addiction problems whilst dealing with social discrimination, Dodin explained.

Chong Seng and Dodin have expressed their gratitude towards Arterial Network Seychelles for making the exhibition possible and believe that they both contributed towards the beauty of the pieces on display.

From its conception Arterial Network Seychelles has strived to elevate art in the island nation. Through its Gallery -- Eden Art Space, Arterial Network Seychelles is bringing awareness and igniting a new passion for the arts and culture of Seychelles -- a group of 115 islands in the western Indian Ocean.

In a communique Gallery -- Eden Art Space said: both artists are teachers in their everyday life and as such serve as catalysts passing on a deep appreciation for the arts as well as nurturing, encouraging and honing the technical skills of their students.

The chairperson of Arterial network Seychelles, Martin Kennedy, has commended the two artists on the first ever grand exposure. I would like to thank you both sincerely for making this impressive act and I hope that you will all take the opportunity to look at the work closely, said Kennedy whilst opening the exposition.

The exhibition will remain open for the public until November 16, and all artworks on display are for sale.

Source: Seychelles News Agency

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