Seychelles’ global diplomatic corps returns home to discuss strategy, developments

The Seychelles Diplomatic Convention officially kicked off on Monday, bringing together Honorary Consuls and Ambassadors representing Seychelles all over the world. The event is taking place at Eden Bleu from October 1 to 5.

Previously known as the Honorary Consul Conference, the convention creates a platform where Seychellois diplomats can discuss and be brought up to date about developments that have taken place within Seychelles' Foreign Affairs department.

Learning about the strategies and policies of the department will put the Honorary Consuls in a better position to discharge their duties in their respective countries.

Working sessions will take place during the first day of the convention which will include presentations on the restructuring of the Foreign Affairs department and the Strategic Plan 2020.

We will present new policies and strategies that will allow us to go forward. It is important that the Honorary Consuls and Ambassadors are present today so that we can work together, said Christian Faure - Director of Consular Affairs and VISA Waiver at the department.

The second day will comprise of thematic group meetings, each focusing on a different sector - education, socio-economic, environment, finance, Blue Economy and tourism - of the country.

We have invited different stakeholders to meet directly with the consuls. Together we will see how our consuls will be in a position to contribute and deliver more towards Seychelles, said Christian Faure.

A presentation based on what was discussed during day two will be made on the third day of the convention.

A day trip to Silhouette -- the third biggest island -- has been organised for Oct. 5.

The Honorary Consul representing the United States' Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and Nevada, Ruth Willis, said that her main role is to promote Seychelles and looking after Seychellois who are in the United States, providing them with more opportunities for employment.

Each time that we come, we have the opportunity to learn from the government about what their goals and objectives are, and try to take them home with us, to implement them into our own work for Seychelles, said Willis.

During his address, Vice-President Vincent Meriton, who is also the Foreign Affair's minister, said that the Strategic Plan 2020 is inspired by our passion, your passion to strengthen our engagement in the global sphere.

Addressing the 55 Honorary Consuls and 10 Ambassadors present, President Danny Faure thanked them for the work that they have done for the country.

We will remain advocates for the small island developing state and continue to be at the forefront of climate change. We will also continue to promote the Blue Economy as a vital tool for sustainable development for the benefit for both our current and future generation, said the President.

We remain focused and committed to fight for the continuing advancement of the country. We count on your support amidst the everchanging dynamics of the global sphere as it is critical that we re-strategise and develop innovative tools that will allow us to better navigate the international system, he added.

Source: Seychelles News Agency

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