Security, trade on table as Seychelles’ president, Tanzania high commissioner meet

Peace and security, as well as trade and taxation, are areas of cooperation that should be enhanced or strengthened, the new Tanzanian High Commissioner and the Seychelles' president determined.

Pindi Chana -- the new High Commissioner of Tanzania to Seychelles -- presented her credentials to President Danny Faure at State House, Victoria on Tuesday.

We all surrounded by the Indian Ocean and we need to enhance our cooperation in this area when it comes to peace and security, said Chana.

Talking about trade and taxation, Chana and Faure spoke about ways to manage issues on the two subjects when people of the two countries are involved in commerce.

Both Seychelles and Tanzania belong to organisations such as the Commonwealth, Southern African Development Community and the United Nations. Emphasising on the similarities of the two countries, Chana said that it is important to exchange ideas and provide each other with technical and professional support.

Sometimes it is good to learn from African countries before we consider other countries.It is important to start within our region - Africa - when it comes to issues of exchanging programmes and studying from each other, she added.

Adding that both countries have similarities in geological locations, as they both border or is surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Chana said it is easier to exchange best practices in regards to fisheries and tourism.

We highly discussed how we should learn to manage the industries of tourism and fisheries, and find ways to manage our resources within our continental boundaries, said Chana.

She told the press that the doors of Tanzania are open to cooperation with the Republic of Seychelles. We need to enhance cooperation between our two countries, from which we can move forward with this friendship from generation to generation.

Chana has extended an invitation to Faure for him to visit Tanzania where further discussions can be held.

The new High Commissioner to Seychelles will be based in Nairobi, Kenya. The two countries established diplomatic ties in November 1986.

Source: Seychelles News Agency

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