Retired teachers celebrate Teachers’ Day with SAREP

The Seychelles Association of Retired Education Professionals (SAREP) yesterday hosted the first social gathering, grouping together over 60 retired professionals, to mark Teachers’ Day.


Held at the Harbour Café at Lighthouse Restaurant, Espace, the afternoon comprised lunch, as well as a number of recreational activities such as karaoke, and a raffle among others.


Chairperson of SAREP, Jeanne Simeon, noted that the meet is to group the retired teachers together, where they can meet and interact with their past colleagues, while also meeting new people, with whom they can share memories of the past.


“This forms part of healthy ageing. We want our retired teachers to remain active, to be healthy as well,” Mrs Simeon said.


The majority of those present were members of the association, and the event was mostly sponsored by some former students and businessmen.


The association started in January and gained official status in April. It held its official launch in August and held its first annual general meeting on September 24.


With the aim of organising an array of activities according to different themes, namely, social and educational, health and wellness, fundraising among others, the first educational activity took place on Monday. The talk on oral health and screening for members was held in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.


Membership stands at over 100, and counting.


In going forward, association members wish to extend their expertise and experience to the community, families and the younger generations.


“Even as retired teachers, we are not tired. We want to continue doing things that we do best, and this involves helping the youth, helping families. This is what we are here for,” Mrs Simeon added.




Source: Seychelles Nation