Rapporing Pension Fund Proze Ex-Pirates Arms – Minister Maurice Loustau Lalanne

Minister for Finance, Trade, Investment and Economic Planing to the National Assembly on the piling works on the Ex-Pirates Arms project.

Mr. Spiker

Honorable Lider Opposition,

Onorab Lider Zafer Gouvernman,

Members of the Honorable National Assembly

And all the people shall hear


First of all, I express my gratitude for the assignment of these opportunities to the cause and the impact of these activities on the redevelopment of 'pirates arms'.

In the first place I have addressed the various events at the beginning of the piling, and then explaining why this post has been 'piling' .

I am also pleased to share with you what this project, the Pension Fund expects to make a return of 11% to a new payback period. This is the final construction contract, which is based on an in-house estimation, which we can not afford at the moment, because it is a tendency to complain.

Part 1: Positioning before piling off

Countries 2014

Arsitek for the project was scheduled for May 2014 to work on design design.

An application was submitted to the planning of a Zen 2014. One of the most important projects in the project was Victoria's Government, the government had an "input" to design this project.

To facilitate this, a committee has been established with different departing departments for arbitration guards.

This committee took part in the first August 2014, and a series of recommendations were made. The small project plan will finally be submitted to November 2014 with cabinet for final approval.

At that point, November 1, 2014, the shipowners' shipowners were used by the notice, to be sorted out in the 1-year shelter by November 1, 2015.

It is important to note that Mr Speaker, which in April 2015, has acknowledged the importance of spotting the SPF, what the building has been categorized as "unsafe with the health and safety risks", primarily caused by "spalling or concrete" There are many concrete tools available to the public, that the SPF needs to be pumped out of the weekend, the infestation of the liver and the lens of fire.

Countries 2015

In January 2015, cabinet reconstructed additional amendments to the design and included, and was respected by the cabinet for final proclamation.

As of March 2015, during which cabinet was revised final release, a new set of amendments was supposed to propose the purpose of building the most creek; to retain the last 5 yrs, re-arranging facade of the late independence, including a new structure with 'parking' and 'multi-level car park building' as well as Maison Collet, the original ship building, ex-Pirates Arms.

This meant that the process had to be rebuilt by zero, and the architects needed to refer the whole plan to nobody including cabinet recommendations.

In the meantime, the new parking lot torn to the stadium park, this property has to be subdivided to be sold to the Pension Fund.

The shipowner's shipment was announced in November 2015, which dates back to the year, and is scheduled to be completed in February 2016. This was also followed by the sweat from the north.

In the year 2015, after which survey survey was completed, and the plot was sold to the Pension Fund, a new plan for this project was signed by the Planning Authority, which included a new car park building.

At this point Mr. Speaker, it is important to note that the project has been expanding in number, and has two buildings; one for ex-pirates arms, and the second one for parking, with an estimated $ 450 million rupee. I have the idea that small in-house estimates were for 2 ships.

Countries 2016

In February, the Pirates Arms shipowners were left out of the ship. The 'tender' process for demolition has been launched in March 2016, and the work has begun on March, and completes April 2016.

During this time, the Planning Authority has enforced the Pension Fund to make additional adjustments and plans for the building of two (2) Lakes of Independence. The change was made, and a new plan was scheduled to take place in April 2016. Planning authority gave its final approval, Zilyet 2016.

Then, the Pension Fund has launched a variety of tender for design consultants, including Structural Enzenyer, Project Manager, Survey Quantity and Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP).

The tender documents were released in August 2016. In the first place, appeals to some of the tendencies were tender to be re-launched. Finally, too, tender consultants will be given the final release of November 2016, including tender for geotechnical investigations on this site, which was launched in November and released in December 2016.

To note, Mr. Spiker, who has been financially responsible for building contracts, will be launched.

In December 2016, following the National Council on National Settlements, the Small Government Government demanded to revise and reduce the cost of SR 150 million, as well as provide a government loan loan program.

Countries 2017

In January, after appealing to MLUH to revise this project and not cut, it was not approved, a number of options were considered by the Board of Pension Funds, since they did not go anywhere, with a view to lowering this process.

Ultimately, decisions were taken to retrieve antique parking. Other changes were included and a new plan was signed with Lottery Planning in March 2017. The small pension fund also approved the Government loan and donated the first 150m loan loan.

During this time, geotechnical investigation was launched and recommendations were supposed to end March 2017.

Small-scale Zilyet 2017 financially, the Planning Authority gave its support to this new plan and design.

Subsequently, the Small Pension Fund tends to work in 2016, and the tender was released in August, and the deal was rewarded with October. In total, the total amount of money received was tender, low to Vijay Construction, with a total of 6, 314.840 million rupees. It is important to note that the Pension Fund, as stated in the appellant's request, also makes an estimation for this purpose, and this is much smaller than that of the estimate. The Vijay county was reconciled to the point where they were tender, and they were able to work with their ability to work immediately, because their piles were free and they could start off.

FrankiPile's Frankish colonies have to take 16 to 18 weeks to mobilize their resources and to organize South African and Mauritius equipments and their costumes.

The puppet piling was supplied by the contractor, Vijay Construction for the SCR 6.3m. Under the contract, the bailout will be completed on 4th June 2018.

The puppet piling started on December 18, 2017, after which they made a "Dilapidation Report" report on the building's terms and conditions. This report did not mention any flaws or cops in the CBS.

During this time, the abduction of the old pirate arms shields was also given to bear fruit, and in October 2017 the mines were completed to facilitate the start of piling.

Part 2: Quotation after piling lip

As of January 3, 2018, the bankruptcy funds were complied with the Central Bank, which included annexing blockade and a "crack" on the floor. At that point the contractor will install the eleven pillars. In addition, the Board of the Small Pension Fund visits and Central Bank offices have been confirmed. The planning authority also issued a "stop notice" after which they were notified by the Central Bank and made a visit.

Immediate action

1. Apwentman ekspert- Independent Geotechnical Engineer

To establish the domestics of building an internationally experienced international expert and internationally appointed. The reason for an internship is because of the lack of local people in the field of expertise. A South African continent, Ground Africa was scheduled for February 9, 2018 to establish true cause of this problem through a joint venture. The Central Bank gave its support to this. The Pension Fund also has the support of the two subsidiary and has been awarded a CSW and Planning Authority to measure the Annex, which is damaged by 8.3 centimeters. Monitoring was held for 3 months until the small movement was arrested.

2. Results of preliminary geotechnical assesment

Ground Africa has finalized their preliminary mandate by the end of February 2018 and asked me for a job.

The outcome of this event was reported on April 4, 2018 via a report showing the domains, including vibrations along with a weak strip, water table, and "unsupported bored piling method." which structured the central bank building, was small enough to suppress these domains and proposed a solution to removing ships through a "underpinning" process. Underpinning is low enough to ensure that shipbuilding is not more domesticated.

3. Design and methodology to be used

In the meantime, Ground Africa was granted permission to design, on April 26, 2018. Design and methodology were signed by the May 2018 Fund. This proposal was filed with the Central Bank at Zen 2018, with the intent to approve before final completion of Planning Authority. Vijay Construction was also instructed and agreed with the solution proposed by Ground Africa.

The Central Bank has enforced the Pension Fund as the point that they decided to approve their own independent expenses, including the CUNDALL Johnson and Partners LLP based Dubai, to revitalize Ground Africa.

After a series of consultations between the Pension Fund, Ground Africa and CUNDALL for two months, the Central Bank will end up in October 2018, enabling the Pension Fund to be implemented, which has had a lot of risks associated with underpinning. They were able to reconstruct another system, "mortar" that would be laid under the foundation of annex, a method that did not have any Seychelles expertise.

Those who had the solution, the Pension Fund, submitted the Ground Africa proposal to Planning Authority, with the intent to reach their point of view and to refrain from continuing to work, if they agreed with the Ground Africa solution.

4. Central Banking Clients

In the meantime, on October 8, the Pension Fund received an invitation from the Central Bank, which indicated that the Central Bank was building neutral, building anchor and reconstructing a new shipment in its place, in the face of the risks. One of them was organized on October 18, while the Small Pension Fund asked the Central Bank to revise its decision.

5. Container pads

The small pension fund also organizes a mid-term contractor, Vijay Construction, for a solution. Initially, they had to attend the underpinning process, they always refused to accept that they were responsible for building anxieties, and they confirmed that they had no intention of accepting ship repairs and contributing financially to the demands of this building.

The small pension fund explicitly contracts, which has a "contractual obligation" under the contract, and is responsible for the eventuality of any kind, including domestics. Contracts made clear that they were responsible, only if they had 'professional negligence' and then said they did not.

Contractor according to you, there is no professional negligence, and your position is the cause of the domes, the foundations of the anchor, which have not been properly done and that are located in a faulty state. They insisted that the Central Bank, who had also reinstated the Pension Fund on this project, had to imply that it was a very strong foundation, which was the case with which it was aware of this situation. For them, this has led to the enthusiasm, which, by contrast, did not disclose this information, is guilty of the occurrence of this.

6. Lof Fund Pension for CBS

In November 2018, the Pension Fund and the Redemar Project aimed at further retarding were decided by the Central Bank to grant the Pension Fund to demolish the building, which recommended the design of the planning authority, in the face of what the authorities decided to do, The only solution is to demolish this building for eliminating risk. The Pension Fund also contributed $ 2.5 million as compensation for domestics and the Central Bank. A new methodology for the piling process has also been addressed to Planning Authority, and a request for retiring notice, the fact that the authorities have enforced the Pension Fund to revise the methodology to continue with this project. They also demanded that the solution of the Pension Fund would be made to visa to the Central Bank.

The Pension Fund will be presenting a new methodology on March 15, 2019 with Planning Authority.

7. Central Bank Request

In February 2019, the Central Bank did notify that the Pension Fund had paid an estimated $ 10,288,509 rupee.

The small pension fund responded to the 5 March and asked for more detail on this matter and that detail was still detailed, making a final decision.

8. Legal solution

The Pension Fund is also exploring legal possibilities under the provision of piling of contracts, which includes the "arbitration" of cases in which there is a conflict. This is the solution to the Pension Fund, after which it is best to identify friendly solutions and also give consultations.

9. Course expense by the Pension Fund

The contracts can be paid for consultants, with a total cost of 18.4 million rupees, the Pension Fund spends 7.9 million rupees up to now.

Additional costs due to the CBS Annex of SR 1.4 million.

The loss of rent is that the Pension Fund will be able to hire for one year, if it pays for rent for that amount of SR2.8m for that period. This was the "rent" that was invested in 2015.

10. Way Forward

Mr. Speker, to conclude, since February 2016, when the Pirates Arms ship was demolished, there was a growing number of taxpayers, as the Pension Fund had to reconsider this issue to zero due to the fact that

Suggestions and summons from the Government

Retreating and backing from the Planning Authority for approval of plans

Significant hypnosis, demanded by the National Assembly to lower this process

Dernyerman, the retired Pension Fund, faces the Central Bank, a relationship with the realm of the arrival at Anx.

The process expects recommitment as soon as the Planing Authority gives its call for contingent and piling to the new Continuous Flow (CFO), which is a decision that has been made for the CBS Annex to be demolished. This can be done by September 2019 because we need to give this time to the arbitrator working hours. Tender construction can be completed by the end of 2019. Construction will begin in 2020 and take 2 years to complete.

Source: Ministry of Finance, Trade and Blue Economy.(Speeches)

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