Proposed ‘Construction Professional Registration and Regulation Bill 2022’

The office of the leader of the opposition in the National Assembly on Saturday morning organised a meeting with professional building contractors and other professionals in the construction industry such as engineers, draftsman, surveyors, electricians,  plumbers, among others,  for a  discussion on the proposed ‘Construction Professional Registration and Regulation Bill 2022’ to be put before the National Assembly soon.


The meeting, which was held at the United Seychelles (US) conference room, Maison Du Peuple, was chaired by the leader of the opposition, Honourable Sebastien Pillay.


Also present to assist Hon. Pillay in the discussion were Bills Committee member for US Hon. Wallace Cosgrow and US committee member, Dr Marvin Fanny.


As per the official gazette, the object of this Bill is to establish the ‘Seychelles Council of Registered Professionals in Construction’, which will, among other things  — (a) maintain a  register of persons and businesses that can provide services related to architecture, engineering, quantity surveying, building surveying and other related services in Seychelles; (b) regulate the qualifications and practice of Construction Professionals; (c) impose disciplinary   measures and penalties on construction professionals found guilty of negligence or other malpractices.


The Council will have the power to immediately suspend or prohibit a construction  professional  from providing services to the public where it is necessary for safeguarding of life,  public health or property; (d) require that construction professionals are covered by indemnity insurance to cover any loss or damage to the equipment needed to complete the provision of services offered to the public; cover any accidental death, dismemberment or permanent disability resulting bodily injury incurred in connection with the provision of the services, among other laws and regulations.


Most of the concerns in the meeting were related to the incorporation of other small businesses, such as the drafting business, by the draftsman, in to the bill, and the insurance cover which is very expensive especially to small businesses in the construction sector.


Speaking to the press after the meeting Hon. Pillay said that they chose to debate with the construction professionals on the bill given that it has a major impact on a large group of people many of whom are employed in the sector.


He added that it was important for his office to understand concerns on the bill from the professionals taking into account that other law components aligned with be bill, will also be presented later.


He said he was very satisfied with the turn-out and level of participation.


For his part, Hon. Cosgrow said that they will be working on the points raised by the professionals and if agreed upon, they will see if they can be incorporated in the bill so that when the law comes into force it will cater for many other professional groups in the construction sector rather than the construction professionals alone.


He added that although a minority in the National Assembly, they will try to make the majority understand the concerns raised by the professionals.




Source: Seychelles Nation