President of Seychelles: New airline routes were a mistake; says reported crime at police headquarters on decline

President Danny Faure of Seychelles gave his fourth press conference of his presidency on Thursday evening at State House, Victoria. SNA provides an overview of the issues covered.

Uncertainty at Air Seychelles

The President said that the airline industry is a very competitive one but as long as Air Seychelles has its partnership with Etihad Airways, the archipelago's national carrier will survive.

Faure nevertheless admitted that it was a strategic mistake of the national airline to venture into two new routes -- Dusseldorf in Germany and Durban in South Africa -- which was then stopped."

On the issue of staff concerns, the head of state said, I do not foresee any problems for them for the upcoming three months. I am confident that the Etihad board will take an important decision during their meeting on December 10th.

Seychellois workers welfare

The government is doing its part to look after the welfare of workers, Faure said, and he mentioned the introduction of the 13th-month salary and the application of the new progressive tax next year. Some 54 percent of the labour force is expected to benefit with the new tax system.

Faure said the main concern is communication, more specifically from the leadership to staff and that when there is no communication there is uncertainty. He called on employers to listen and communicate with their workers and for staff to remember that this a two-way process.

Mo Ibrahim Index puts Seychelles 2nd

I am not satisfied with the ranking. Seychelles should be ranked first and can be ranked first, said Faure. He added that We need to take the bull by the horn and work towards making Seychelles the number one country in Africa and compete with and even beat some countries in Europe.

Cost of Living

Although several measures have been introduced, it is not lowering the existing high cost of living. Faure said that the Central Bank has loosened the monetary policy for more flexibility and he called for banks to do more.

But we have also noticed that there is an increase in consumption, money is being lent for consumption purpose and that puts direct pressure on exchange rate. This has a direct impact on prices of goods and the cost of living, he said.

Faure said people need to invest more in assets and venture into business in the production sector.

Security and criminality concerns

On the issue of crimes, which has increased over the last five months, Faure said it has a direct link to the drug scourge in the island nation.

He noted however that recent reports show that the number of reported cases has dropped at the central police station which is functioning fully. We need more functioning police stations and this is only possible with more resources.

Faure said that there is a need to amend certain laws and these will be sent to the National Assembly next February.

Source: Seychelles News Agency

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