President of Seychelles discusses textiles, workforce, tourism with new Bangladeshi high commissioner

Textiles, the workforce, tourism, and the fisheries industry were the main areas of cooperation discussed between the president of Seychelles and newly accredited Bangladeshi high commissioner, the Bangladeshi official said.

Abdul Manna Howlader presented his credentials to President Danny Faure at State House, Victoria, on Tuesday.

According to a press communique from State House, Faure said, I wish to acknowledge the harmonious bilateral relationship which currently exists between our two countries since the establishment of diplomatic relations in February 1983."

Faure added that "I wish to renew our commitment to working with you in reinforcing bilateral relations in existing and further areas of cooperation.

Speaking to journalists, Howlader said, We hold the second place in the world's textile industry, so your president expressed his willingness to import some textile goods to Seychelles from Bangladesh.

With regard to the population of Bangladesh, the High Commissioner said that there are Bangladeshi workers in most countries of the world and Seychelles is no exception.

We know that [Seychelles is] in need of skilled workforce especially and we have a lot. Since Seychelles has signed and is maintaining the International Labor Organisation Conventions, it was assured that there will be no discrimination against Bangladeshi working in Seychelles, said Howlader.

Other areas of interest to the two countries include the tourism industry of Seychelles, where the Bangladeshi High Commissioner said his country can learn from the practices of the 115-island archipelago in the western Indian Ocean.

Tourism is the main pillar of Seychelles' economy, followed by fisheries. Howlader added that fishery is another area of cooperation that the two countries can engage in as Bangladesh has a lot of fish processing plants.

The newly accredited high commissioner will serve a term of three years and will be based in Port Louis, Mauritius.

Source: Seychelles News Agency

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