President of Burundi Lauds Ethiopia’s Peace Effort, Calls on Other African Countries to Draw Lessons

The President of Burundi, Everiste Ndyisshimye has lauded Ethiopia's effort to entrench peace and called on other African countries to draw lessons from this experience.

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen is in Bujumbura, Burundi on his third leg of a visit to African countries.

As part of his visit, Demeke met and discussed with the President of Burundi, Everiste Ndyisshimye, a host of bilateral and regional issues of common interest.

Demeke told the President that the Government of Ethiopia is committed to solidifying stability and consolidating peace and security in the country following the Pretoria Peace Deal.

He also called for regular consultations among the Nile riparian countries on the use of the water.

Demeke said Ethiopia remains steadfast in helping the Sudanese people chart the future of their country.

President Everiste, for his part, said the multifaceted diplomatic relationship between Ethiopia and Burundi is historic and needs to be further revamped.

He also said peace in Ethiopia is important for peace in Africa, lauding Ethiopia's effort to entrench peace, and called on other African countries to draw lessons from this experience.

Burundi supports the tripartite AU-led negotiations, the president noted commending the importance of dialogue among the Nile Basin countries to unlock outstanding issues.

President Everiste pointed out that Ethiopia has the right to develop and change the lives of its people without causing significant harm to other countries.

During the occasion, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke conveyed the message of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to President Everiste Ndyisshimye.

He arrived in Bujumbura yesterday continuing his trip to four African countries.

Upon arrival in Bujumbura, he was warmly received by senior officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Burundi.

Demeke visited Tanzania and Comoros earlier, held bilateral discussions with the leaders of the two sisterly African countries to foster stronger ties, and signed MoU for bilateral cooperation with the latter.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency