President Faure visits SFA

President Danny Faure visited the Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA) this morning, marking his first workplace visit in the New Year.

The SFA was established in August 1984, and is an organisation that aims to develop the local fishing industry to its fullest potential, whilst ensuring its sustainability.

President Faure began his visit at the head office in Victoria, where he was received by the Chairman of the SFA Board, Mr Nirmal Jivan Shah, and the CEO of the SFA, Mr Ronny Renaud. The President visited the training and research facilities, fuel claim offices, the artisanal fishing port, and main office building. He had the chance to meet management, staff, fishermen, and various stakeholders in the fishing industry including the Boat Owners Association, who were able to share their concerns with him.

Speaking to the staff, the President commended the long-serving professionals, and expressed his wish to see the fisheries industry grow to form a substantial part of the country's GDP once again. He reiterated his commitment to looking after staff welfare, and encouraged employees to follow the structures in place and bring any issues to the attention of management and the Board.

The President visited the Providence Fishing Port next, where he received a tour of the premises by Mr Renaud. President Faure visited the ice plant, fuel area, aquaculture building site, and the second phase of development of the fishing port. Speaking to management staff following the visit, the President expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome and openness with which staff discussed their concerns.

President Faure said that he made his first visit of the year to the SFA to show the importance of the fisheries sector, which represents the future of the country. He gave his commitment to trying to find solutions to the various constraints brought to his attention, including space, resources, and the current scheme of service. Finally, he thanked all the staff for their hard work and dedication, despite the challenges they face, and encouraged them to maintain their focus as the SFA celebrates 34 years of existence this year.

Source: State House, Office of the President of the Seychelles

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