President Faure chairs follow-up meeting from district visits

President Danny Faure chaired a meeting with all the representatives from ministries, departments, and agencies that have been part of his delegation during his weekly district visits at State House yesterday. The meeting was held to share feedback and suggest concrete measures that will improve the lives of citizens in all communities.

President Faure opened the meeting by thanking all of the representatives present for making time in their busy schedules to accompany him on his journey across the country. He shared various structural initiatives that will make follow-up action easier, including a new reporting mechanism and inter-ministerial communications system. The President encouraged the stakeholders present to carry out surveys wherever there is a lack of data, and to ensure that any project implementation is well-structured and clearly communicated to the public.

Stakeholders present also had the chance to share their feedback with the President and suggest policy initiatives that will help the Government in its mission of people-centred development.

Present for the meeting this morning was Designated Minister and Minister for Local Government, Mrs Macsuzy Mondon, Minister for Infrastructure, Habitat and Land Transport, Mr Charles Bastienne, Minister for Family Affairs, Mrs Jeanne Simeon, Commissioner of Police, Mr Kishnan Labonte, Principal Secretary for Infrastructure, Mr Yves Choppy, Principal Secretary for Public Affairs, Mrs Doreen Arnephy, Principal Secretary for Social Affairs, Mrs Linda William-Melanie, Principal Secretary for Local Government, Mrs Marie-Celine Vidot, Principal Secretary for Family Affairs, Mrs Marie-Josee Bonne, CEO of PMC, Mr Lenny Lebon, CEO of SLTA, Mr Parinda Herath and other representatives of the Department of local government.

Source: State House, Office of the President of the Seychelles

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