President Danny Faure receives members of Praslin Business Association

President Danny Faure met with the executive members of the Praslin Business Association (PBA) yesterday afternoon at State House.

The members of PBA present for the meeting included the Chairman, Mr. Christopher Gill, the Secretary, Mr. Adrian Uzice, the Treasurer, Mr. Liroy Lesperance, and members Mr. Paul Rouillion and Mr. William Rose.

President Faure congratulated the members of PBA for taking the initiative to form an Association by providing a voice for Praslin Businesses and Entrepreneurs and for bringing forth numerous positive proposals and possible solutions as to how to reinvigorate the Praslin business landscape and infuse greater energy that will in return improve their livelihoods.

Apart from discussing and agreeing on new strategies and highlighting key infrastructural projects important for revitalising the Praslin Business landscape, the President and association members present also highlighted the importance for the adoption of a more coordinated approach in terms of consultation, promotion and marketing of Praslin island aimed at the creation of greater business opportunities for Praslin and neighbouring islands namely Curieuse and Ile Eve.

During the meeting, the President also formally introduced the members of the association to the new Minister for Industry, Entrepreneurship Development & Business Innovation, Minister Wallace Cosgrow, the Principal Secretary of the afore-mentioned Ministry, as well as the Acting Chairman of Seychelles Chamber of Commerce, Mr Oliver Bastienne.

Speaking to the Press after the Meeting, Mr Gill thanked the President for receiving them at State House and for listening to their challenges, concern and solutions brought forward and in the hope that this is the starting point for further actions to be delivered for the benefit of the Praslin community and Seychelles in general.

Source: State House, Office of the President of the Seychelles

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