President Appoints New National AIDS Council of Seychelles

President Danny Faure has announced the appointment of the Members of the National AIDS Council of Seychelles.

The Council will be chaired by Mrs Peggy Vidot, and the other Members will be;

Dr Bernard Valentin

Dr Jude Gedeon

Dr Anne Gabriel

Ms Jacqueline Paulin

Dr Louine Morel

Ms Brigitte Pool

Ms Thelma Pool

Ms Beryl Dodin

Rev Christine Benoit

Mr Justin Freminot

Ms Louana Pillay

Ms Tessa Henderson

Mr Emmanuel Fideria

Mr Ronny Arnephy

The term of the new National AIDS Council begins on 15th July 2017, and is for a period of 3 years in accordance with the law.

Source: State House, Office of the President of the Seychelles

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