Pet Haven strives to find happy homes for rescued dogs


Seychelles Pet Haven Society rescued and rehomed 142 dogs in 2022 and is currently sheltering over 100 dogs which it hopes will find a home soon.

Speaking to Seychelles NATION, the founder of the non-governmental, non-profit organisation, Myriam Hoareau, said those rescued and rehomed included 57 males and 81 females.

Ms Hoareau said last year was a generally good year and their works and accomplishments can be found on their social media page where most of their clients are introduced to them.

Seychelles Pet Haven Society, which promotes a no-kill policy, devotes its time and resources into helping and housing helpless animals, most of which are dogs for the time being, although many cats were also rescued and rehomed last year.

Ms Hoareau said although they do not have a branch on Praslin and La Digue they still managed to receive helpless dogs from the islands most of which are brought over by tourists who then later adopt the dogs and take them back to their home country.

“We hope to give each and every dog a chance at a happy life and a happy home,” said Ms Hoareau, although she understands the challenges that come with finding that ideal home.

She said adopting a dog is a slow and lengthy process as it involves a lot of evaluations to monitor the dog’s well being and also the relationship between the dog and the potential clients.

“Some of the dogs actually choose their owners instead of the other way around, as upon meeting the people that come in they immediately create and bond and that is when the person falls in love with them,” she added.

It should be noted that although most of the animals were adopted by locals last year, a lot of them were relocated overseas, mainly to European countries.

She thanked everyone who have given their time and made all forms of contributions – be it monetary or in other forms – to ensure the organisation, which is based in Providence, continues to remain operational.

Seychelles Pet Haven Society receives most of its funds from public donations and a lot of these are from European sponsors.

“I am grateful to each and every one of them because it is thanks to their contributions that we are still afloat. It takes a lot to maintain this facility and care for their animals and I am forever grateful that the public understand our goal here and continue to support it,” said Ms Hoareau, appealing to more local organisations to come forward and donate.

Seychelles Pet Haven Society has once again advised the public that the place is open to all and encouraged them to visit and even maybe adopt the animals.

Source: Seychelles Nation