2 airlines reducing flights to Seychelles this month as travel demand drops after COVID spike

Two international airlines are reducing the number of flights to Seychelles in January, part of the reason the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) is likely to continue to see ... Continue Reading →

Seychelles’ nurses exhausted after months of COVID-19 care

After providing months of care for COVID-19 patients, the association of nurses in Seychelles says its members are exhausted from long, intense hours, and that their physical and mental ... Continue Reading →

Seychelles extends COVID-19 restrictions another 2 weeks in bid to slow spread

Seychelles is extending COVID-19 restriction measures by two weeks, including school closures, until January 28 in a bid to stop the transmission of COVD-19 among its population. Public ... Continue Reading →

Seychelles hopes to raise $212 million on international bond market to cover projected deficit

Seychelles’ government is looking to raise $212 million (SCR4.5 billion) through the issuing of treasury bills and treasury bonds, as the country finds itself in a dire financial ... Continue Reading →