Outsiders Volleyball Club players plant 100 saplings on La Digue

The Outsiders Volleyball Club have planted 100 more saplings on La Digue to help restore the habitat of paradise flycatchers in the Veuve reserve.

So far, a total of 1,200 trees have been planted by members of the club over a period of 10 years. Among the species planted during the activity held earlier this month are bwa dir, bonnen kare, bwa roz, bwa nat.

The tree-planting exercise is an annual collaboration between the Veuve reserve and Outsiders Volleyball team and it started in 2009.

The plants are provided by the Veuve reserve, while the members of the Outsiders Volleyball Club sponsor their own trip to and stay on La Digue.

The team also played a friendly match against the La Digue side.

Source: Seychelles Nation