National Women Committee: Arresting Al-Sabri exceeded all human & moral values


The National Women Committee condemned arresting, Marwa Al-Sabri, by the Saudi security authorities of the Yemeni citizen while she was performing Umrah rituals, stressing that the arrest exceeded all human, moral and religious values.

In a statement, the committee considered the detention of Al-Sabri as an arbitrary violation added to the series of violations committed by the Saudi regime against Yemeni women, including killing and siege.

The committee explained that the Yemeni woman, Al-Sabri, was subjected to security harassment and verbal assault, which prompted her to summarize the killing and siege committed by the Saudi regime against the Yemeni people for eight years, violating rights and freedoms.

The committee’s statement called on the free people of Yemen and abroad to condemn this arbitrary act and other acts against Yemenis in Saudi Arabia and to pressure the Saudi authorities to immediately release the Yemeni detainee, rehabilitate her and return her to Yemen.

The statement pointed out these provocative violations and arbitrary practices require all Islamic countries to reconsider neutralizing the sacred feelings from the Saudi regime’s robbery.

The National Women Committee called on the United Nations , human rights and humanitarian organizations to carry out their duty and responsibilities to stop the crimes of the Saudi regime against Yemenis, and to oblige it to respect international laws and covenants, as well as human norms and values.

Source: Yemen News Agency