National Assembly’s IAC meets with SCCI officials

The International Affairs Committee (IAC) of the National Assembly met with the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) recently at the National Assembly to discuss the chamber’s expansive role in driving trade and commercial activities in the country.


The meeting began with an informative presentation by Oliver Bastienne, the chairperson of the SCCI and the secretary general, Iouana Pillay.


The presentation highlighted the SCCI’s mission and strategies which is mostly tuned towards a ‘Seychelles First’ mindset.


From the meeting, the IAC gained a deeper clarity and insight into the work of the SCCI as the engine of the economy, as well as the strategy being proposed in relation to establishing and strengthening partnerships with the government and the need to also work with the legislative branch. It was also an opportunity for the Committee to be apprised of how SCCI is embracing the different trade agreements such as the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) and the Indian Ocean Commission Agreement to add value to national trade activities.


Findings from the meeting indicate that a more collaborative effort is pivotal for ensuring that the necessary support is given to the private sector to grow and to create more wealth and tax revenue increase for the government.


An important point for consideration is to create a National Economic Committee to look at the national economic development policy and strategy for the future for the sustainable development of Seychelles amid the global dynamics of changes to global trade and to food security.


Question which arises now, is the level of budgetary support annually given for the SCCI to achieve the general expectation amid the current global uncertainties, despite the country doing well in the tourism sector.


Chaired by Hon. Waven William, the other IAC members present for the meeting were Hon. Wavel Woodcock (vice-chair), Hon. Philip Arissol, Hon. Johan Loze, Hon. Kelly Samynadin and Hon. Egbert Aglae.


The accompanying photos show highlights of the meeting.




Source: Seychelles Nation