Message from the Chairman-in-Office of the IOC Council of Ministers on the 35th anniversary of the organization

January 10, 1984 -Our organization, the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC), is celebrating its 35th anniversary. First of all, what joy and emotion for me to see myself on this occasion presiding over his Council of Ministers for a year. It's a symbolic moment. That is why I take this opportunity to pay tribute to all my predecessors from Comoros, France / Reunion, Madagascar and Mauritius. Each of them has contributed and continues to contribute to the construction of the sub regional work.

On this solemn occasion, how can we not also pay homage to the founding fathers and to all those who have taken the torch in their wake, for the path that their vision and determination have allowed our organization to go through. Thanks to them, our generation feels proud today to contribute to the building of this common heritage, which is also a legacy for future generations.

In general, birthdays give us the opportunity to stop for a moment, to look in the rearview mirror. They allow us to measure the path traveled with sometimes figures, even images, to translate the rise to power. But I prefer to leave this privilege to the technicians of the General Secretariat, who are better armed than I in this exercise.

For me, these 35 years refer us to the journey of men and women of several generations who have courageously brought to bear the just causes and the good fights that have helped to make our common approach to a prosperous Indian Ocean and peace, a very precious capital. It is 35 years of active presence so that Indianoceanie in all its diversity and richness is a chance for our people, their aspirations and their development. This is all that makes our common heritage, even our common home.

Today, despite being one of the smallest organizations in the world, IOC is no less than one of the most vibrant. It occupies a place of choice on the international chessboard. And it remains more than ever determined to assert itself on all fronts in the defense of our specificities and in the transformation of the various aspects of the life of our sub-region.

We have remained faithful to our island values such as fraternity, solidarity and the sense of sharing, which we regularly defend through our various actions.

Thank you to all the Secretaries General who helped the organization to grow and assert themselves as follows: Monique Andreas Esoavelomandroso, Jeremie Bonnelame, Caabi Elyachtru, Wilfrid Bertile, Callixte d'Offay, Jean-Claude de l'Estrac and Hamadi Mada .

Finally, with this anniversary arriving at the beginning of the year 2019, I take this opportunity to address to all the Member States, to all our Heads of State, and to all my fellow ministers, my best wishes for health and happiness for themselves, their families and wish for our Indianoceanic community, peace and harmony.

35 years of IOC: faith and good faith at the service of regional cooperation and a great confidence in the future of our institution.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Seychelles