Local TV viewers get Seychelles in HD with newly launched telesesel

Seychellois can now watch local news and live entertainment on telesesel -- the island nation's first high-definition television channel.

The channel is the first high-definition local TV channel that will try to find a niche in the information space of the country, Camille, one of the station's founders, said at the launch ceremony on Friday at Eden Island on the eastern coast of Mahe.

Camille added that the channel boasts people of experience and the latest technology that enables everything to be switched to high-definition.

Telesesel created by Clive Camille and Gilmer Philoe is an initiative of Radius Studios, a private production company set up in 2015 by Camille. The project is supported by the local telecommunication company, Cable& Wireless Cable Seychelles.

The telesesel channel since July 24 is broadcasting 24 hours a day on channel 1 of the Cable IPTV platform. Viewers can watch a wide range of programmes from talk shows, documentary, environment and lifestyles, to shows promoting all aspects of Seychelles. The channel will also have a news bulletin that will be broadcast every night.

Camille told SNA that the new channel is not trying to compete with other broadcasting services in the country, but it will offer a diverse mix of entertainment that suits all ages.

Speaking to SNA, the other founder of telesesel, Gilmer Philoe, said the idea and inspiration started when Camille and himself while the two were looking at a video that he had produced.

It was only then that Camille asked me to join him in opening a new TV channel. Without hesitation, I said yes, Philoe told SNA.

Philoe, who worked for 26 years in the field of broadcasting, said that the public was yearning for more local television programmes and the channel will offer just that.

At the launching on Friday, telesesel also presented its group of presenters and journalists in a video. They are Stephanie Remie, Myra Labiche, Betty Mondon, Patsy Athanase, Andy Henriette, Kerine Savy, Madiha Philo, and Bertrand Tirant.

Henriette, the sports presenter, told SNA that joining telesesel was one of his biggest challenges as he had some doubts at the beginning.

He said that his programme will focus on promoting Seychellois athlete and will address controversial subject among others in the Seychelles sports world.

Talking about the telesesel's partnership, Camille said that they chose Cable & Wireless because the company represents innovation in the telecommunication industry.

The chief executive of Cable & Wireless, Charles Hammond, said that the telecom world is moving to what they have become now, a service provider.

The transition in this industrial revolution is happening so fast. It is an exciting time and telesesel forms part of it, said Hammond.

He added that Cable & Wireless Seychelles received quite a few proposals from different organizations, but Radius' proposal stood out in terms of its content and vision of what it wanted to achieve.This is why Cable & Wireless stepped in to assist them in achieving such.

An invitee at the event, Daniella Payet, told SNA that telesesel is bringing new content to the local broadcasting scene, showcasing another side of the story.

I have watched the channel, and it is providing good quality, Payet said.

Source: Seychelles News Agency

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