Latest Updated Press Release-Appointment of National Commission for Child Protection

President Danny Faure has today announced the composition of the National Commission for Child Protection, in accordance with Section 3A of the Children Act.

The functions of the Commission are to (a) advise the Minister on matters of policy relating to child protection; (b) recommend policies and procedures for the review and coordination of activities of various bodies concerned with child protection; and (c) inquire into, and report or advise on, matters referred to it by the Minister.

The Chairperson of the Commission will be Dr Erna Athanasius.

The Vice-Chairperson will be Mrs Linda William, Principal Secretary for Social Affairs.

The other Members of the Commission are as follows:

Attorney-General � Mr Frank Ally

Commissioner of Police � Mr Kishnan Labonte

Judge of the Supreme Court � Miss Laura Pillay

Principal Secretary (Early Childhood, Primary & Secondary Education) � Ms Odile Decomarmond

Principal Secretary (Health) � Dr Bernard Valentin

Principal Secretary (Family Affairs) � Mrs Marie-Josee Bonne

Public Health Commissioner � Dr Jude Gedeon

Chief Executive Officer (NCC) � Mr Jean-Claude Matombe

Director (CARE) � Mrs Noella Gonthier

Chief Executive Officer (IECD) � Mrs Shirley Choppy

Chief Executive Officer (Children's Home Foundation) � Mr Jules Hoareau

CEPS Representative� Ms Francoise Larue

Director Social Services

Senior Legal Officer (Social Services) � MIss Michelle Marguerite

The appointments to the Commission are for a period of 2 years beginning 5th January 2018.

Source: State House, Office of the President of the Seychelles

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