La Rosière primary school expects to welcome children P1 and P2 during the first quarter of next year

The P1 and P2 children of La Rosière school are expected to return to this school during the first quarter of next year when the renovation work on some classroom blocks is about to begin.

The Minister for Education, Dr. Justin Valentin, said in the Assembly on Tuesday that all the necessary procedures and technical work are being finalized so that next month the tender procedures will be done. The Infrastructure Agency is responsible for the construction of La Rosière school in its entirety and the government is financing these renovations.

"The P3 and P4 children will continue to Mont Fleuri school while the P5 and P6 children will continue to go to Belonie school. This is the most realistic proposal that we are working with," Minister Valentin informed the members of the Assembly.

"When the engineers of the Infrastructure Agency did their inspection at the school, they assured us that the existing buildings at the school can be rehabilitated and the government shares this philosophy to try to protect as much as possible the traditional structures that are there historical value for Seychelles," Minister Valentin said.

He also pointed out that the initiative through the ministry responsible for finance has already begun to cancel this loan with the Kuwaiti Fund , which assumed the financing of this project as it was in the summer, but they are referring the application for another loan to a lower sum that will cover expenses for new buildings that will be built on this empty space and that will acquire other levels of the school.

"Our plan is to start the loan procedure with the Kuwaiti Fund and if we can't, we will look for other funding sources. We have made a request in the 2023 budget for the 2nd phase of this project, but at the moment I cannot give any other date regarding the construction of the 2nd phase of this project because we have not yet been allocated a sum of money," Minister Valentin informed the members.

It was the elected member for Mont Buxton, Gervais Henrie, who asked Minister Valentin for a statement on the steps being taken to reopen the school.

In the meantime, Minister Valentin also answered questions on several other topics that concern his ministry and this included a question by the MNA for Grand Anse Praslin, Wavel Woodcock, who wanted to know if with the current economic situation of the country, the Ministry of Education is considering revising the allowance that students who come from nearby islands to come to the post-secondary school in Mahé, especially students who stay at the Youth Hostel.

Minister Valentin said that even if he uses his ministry to increase the allowance of these students, the country cannot do this increase. He asked the students to use their money to support their studies, but not as much money to entertain.

Source: Seychelles Nation