International garden competition Australia-based Seychellois wins first prize

A 71-year-old retired Seychellois who is also an Australian national living in Gold Coast, Australia has clinched first prize and coveted award in an international garden competition held on November 2 last year.

Maxime Pool, the eldest son of the late Seychellois environmentalist Ephreme Pool who used to work for the agriculture and forestry department more precisely at the Fond B'Offay station on Praslin in the 1950s, won the much coveted award and first prize, beating 39 other entrants in last year's competition.

There were prizes for each of the 12 categories in the competition and all the entries were put into the draw and the winner won a fabulous trip for two to the '2019 Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show', including flights and accommodation for seven days.

The 2019 Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show will take place at the end of March this year.

I feel so very lucky and proud to have won the first prize as well as receive the award for the competition, Mr Pool told Seychelles NATION.

He is in Seychelles since November on a two-month holiday.

Since he left Seychelles in 1966 to live in Sydney, Australia, Mr Pool has tried his hands at different jobs: mechanic, factory worker, buy and resell old houses before retiring some 10 years ago. But like his late father, he also has a great passion for the environment and exotic plants from which also emerged the idea to set up a garden at his home, growing a large variety of plants. Now living in the Australian coastal city of Gold Coast, Mr Pool took several months to build and integrate the spectacular water feature in his home garden.

It is a design that I came up with to accommodate a variety of plants including yam as well as some colourful Japanese coy � 22 of them altogether, Mr Pool stated.

He added that he was not expecting to win any prize when he entered the competition but he is overjoyed that all his effort and hard work to maintain his garden and set up the water feature has been recognised.

I am really overjoyed and proud of my success, Mr Pool affirmed, noting that it is with pride that he is eager to show friends his garden water feature.

Now that he has retired Mr Pool travels the world with his wife and he has so far visited a number of countries namely Tahiti, New Caledonia, Fiji, South Africa and has come to Seychelles on holiday nine times.

His father was originally from Anse Boileau, the family then moved to Praslin and other parts of Mahe and Mr Pool stated that it is always nice to be back to visit friends and family.

Source: Seychelles Nation