Independent School congratulates winners of Cambridge Outstanding Learner awards

Nathalie Desaubin (best across eight, Cambridge IGCSE), Sanjeetha Pillay (best across four, Cambridge International A-Level), Bertrand Morin (best across four, Cambridge International AS Level), Turissa Sullivan (best across nine, Cambridge IGCSE), Amiriah Rigodon (best across three, Cambridge International A-Level) and Jade Joelen Du Preez (best across three, Cambridge International AS Level) are among the top performers from the Independent School to have achieved the Cambridge Outstanding Learner Awards.

The Independent School released the school’s winners of the Cambridge Outstanding Learner Awards for 2020 through a communiqué yesterday.

The students received these awards based on their exceptional performance in the October/ November 2020 series of IGCSE, AS Level and A-Level examinations.

“These hard-working students from S4 to A2 well deserve the recognition after a difficult year of learning online and school closures because of Covid 19. The school congratulates all of the below-named winners for their excellent performances in the October/November exams of 2020” writes the communiqué.

The Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards are a group of awards issued by Cambridge Assessment International Education who recognises exceptional learner achievement in Cambridge examinations around the world.

Cambridge awards are calculated using stringent and confidential criteria that operate to maintain high educational standards and values in awards across countries, subjects and qualification levels. Learners only receive awards if they have achieved outstanding results.

There are different award categories:

? ‘Top in the World’ which refers to the learner who has gained the highest standard mark in the world for a single subject;

? ‘Top in Country’ referring to the learner who has gained the highest standard mark in his/her country for a single subject;

? ‘Best Across’ awards are issued to learners who have achieved an A* grade and have attained the first highest cumulative total standard marks over set number of subjects - Cambridge IGCSE or Cambridge O-Level in eight subjects, Cambridge International AS Level in four subjects, and Cambridge International A-Level in three subjects; and

? ‘High Achievement’ is awarded to learners who have achieved outstanding results in subjects which are not so widely taken and which, under the current criteria, would not qualify for ‘Top in Country’ Awards.

The accompanying table shows all the winners.

Source: National Information Services Agency