Finance Minister follows up of previous discussion with banks

VICTORIA, SEYCHELLES: Keeping abreast of new developments and follow up on previous discussions regarding the bank's involvement in financing productive sectors, will be the focus of Mr. Maurice Loustau Lalanne's visit this week. The Finance, Trade, Investment and Economic Planning Minister will be efefcting visits to the Mauritius Commercial Bank, the Seychelles Commercial Bank and the Bank of Baroda on Friday 15th February 2019.

The Minister will be accompanied by the following delegation:

Mr Patrick Payet, Secretary of State

Ms Sitna Cesar, Special Advisor to the Minister

Mr Damien Thesee, Principal Secretary for Finance Department

Mr Michael Nalletamby, Principal Secretary for Investment Department

Mrs Elizabeth Agathine, Principal Secretary for Economic Planning Department

Ms Cillia Mangroo, Principal Secretary for Trade Department

Mr Marcus Elizabeth, Acting Director General for Policy and Strategy Division

Mr Norman Weber, Chief Executive Officer, Seychelles Bankers Association

Mrs Marie-May Bastienne, Public and Media Consultant

Ms. Mryna Bonnelame, Director general Human Resources & Budget Management

Minister lalanne will also be effecting visits to the Seychelles Revenue Commission, at the New Port and the Seychelles International Airport, as well as at the HFC, Seychelles Credit Union and the PEMC by this month.

Source: Ministry of Finance, Trade and Blue Economy.(News)