EU’s call for proposals opens for civil society

Seychelles’ civil society organisations seeking funding for projects under the European Union have until November 15, 2022 to present their concept paper.


On Monday, over a dozen non-governmental organisations, were able to get information and clarification about the funding, the application process, as well as the whole implementation phase, in the event they qualify for funding.


The meeting at the STC conference room, led by EU ambassador, Vincent Degert, was initiated by the Citizens Engagement Platform Seychelles (Ceps).


Speaking to Seychelles NATION, Ceps’ chief executive, Alvin Laurence, said it was important that information reaches a maximum number of NGOs, to facilitate the whole process.


He said Ceps initiated the meeting due to past weaknesses and issues that arose either during application stage or implementation itself.


“The EU has specific exigencies that are not always met by the applicants for example an organisation needs a competent, EU-certified accountant to do the audit review. In the past some NGOs would use anybody for this. In fact they want all the officers dealing with the projects approved by the EU to be competent personnel. To ensure both sides are on the same page it is important, they have this meeting today as it is a win-win formula for all,” said Mr Laurence.


The information session was also to highlight the thematic areas under which the organisations could apply for fund. The EU wants to strengthen the capacity of civil society and support their efforts in promoting climate action, good governance, gender equality and Women, Girls’ and Youth Empowerment.


Ten days ago, it launched the Call for Proposals for a sum of 311, 000 euros, which is around R4,000,000 (four million rupees), and an association can apply for a minimum of 100,000 euros (100 thousand euros), or the maximum amount.


They have until November 4 to seek clarification regarding the Call for Proposals and must submit their concept by November 15, 2022.


The EU reminded the organisations that once their project is approved, they will have to be efficient in its implementation, including reporting and record keeping as all information must be supported by relevant documents.


“We cannot accept weak accounting for example, as we have to justify all expenses. It is a complex procedure but it is a discipline that has to be put in place from the beginning,” said Ambassador Degert.


Katrina Choppy, who was representing the Everlasting Love Ministry, said the session was very useful. The group which runs the ‘Teen Challenge’ programme, dealing with rehabilitation of young drug addicts said it will be beneficial for future projects.


“It was important for us to attend this meeting to learn about the funds and their requirements. At least we have another option for fund with regard to our projects as we find it difficult to get funding locally, so the session was very useful and insightful,” she said.


For Bob Petrousse, who plans to set up a new scientific association, Monday’s meeting was an eye-opener.


“We are sourcing finance for our association and we wanted to know how to go about this and the funding available. It was very informative and in our case in the event we are considered too small to apply on our own, we can always co-opt with another organization to apply for funding, as stated by the EU representative,” said Mr Petrousse.




Source: Seychelles Nation