DALLIANCE DIARY: Mind your own business and let others be! (Daily Nation (Kenya))

Remember the lady who bought her husband a big, expensive car for his 30th birthday? Yeah, I know, you have to scratch your head to remember her because you quickly moved on to the Luopean who single-handedly improved the economy of Meru County when he went to pay bride price for his Meru wife to-be.

A lot has been said, most of it negative. No surprise there because it is the way of humans, especially those who cannot even afford the dream of affording the same stuff – it is called the green-eyed monster.

The man, obviously totally in love with his bride-to-be that he does not mind spending millions on her, has been called a show off. He has been called wasteful. He has been called a whole lot of family un-friendly terms.

But I can tell you this for free: all the people spewing the bile are angry their lives have not turned up like Jared Otieno’s and Kendi Mwiti’s (the couple). They hate them because they personify everything many people are not – rich and not worried that their money will run out before the next pay.

I think the gesture is rather cute. If Jared can afford it and wants to do it, what is the issue? Some people think he should have given that money to charity instead of spoiling his woman. Why should he? And how do they even know he does not give to charity? It is his money, so he has the right to spend it the way he wants.

Quit telling others how to spend their money.

It is said that Jared will be Sh200 million poorer after the wedding. Well, if someone can afford to spend that kind of money on a wedding, surely he can afford it.

And did I read somewhere that the beautiful girl forced him to spend like that? Really? If it was not there, forcing him would not make a difference, would it? And if a woman can force a man to spend that kind of money, surely she deserves to be president some day because she would force all these thieving civil servants to return all the money they steal from us.

Kendi for president!

One thing to remember is the wedding is all about fulfilling the bride’s dreams. Let no one lie to you, every woman plans her wedding from the day she attends her first as a little girl. I bet 90 per cent of us planned ours to have the kind of budget Kendi’s has – I know mine included a honeymoon to The Seychelles!

Perhaps, Jared asked her what she would like, perhaps she said two helicopters, about 20 Range Rovers and a Porsche to boot! You go, girl!

Some claim the marriage will not last. What? Like theirs would be the first marriage not to last? Come on, haven’t you ever seen poor people breaking up? Why wish bad luck on two people who just want to be happy? Shame on you!

Money and riches are quite relative. The Nairobi governor reportedly has a balance of S billion in his personal account. To you and me, it is a ridiculous amount, but to somebody out there, it is pocket change. Now, if someone has a bank balance like our dear governor, why would they feel the pinch if they spent Sh50 million in a weekend?

I say stick to your slow lane and let the fast drivers use the fast lane. You could frown at their speeds and the cars they are driving, or you could choose to work smarter and buy the kind of cars that allow them to use the fast lane.

Also important: if you think the man is being stupid for spending that kind of money on a woman, let me remind you his stupidity is not your problem. Just remember, somebody somewhere thinks you are stupid for spending Sh5,000 a month on alcohol.

That the girl is not even worth it – huh? Is she your sister for you to claim to know her that well? And what constitutes worth it? Assuming you do not know her well, do you mean her physical appearance? I think she is stunning. Besides, what does it matter what you and I think? The man who has to wake up beside her every day is happy with her. Hold your peace, haters and let Kendi and Jared be.

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