Praslin Culinary and Arts Fiesta 2022 La Cigale Estate scoops multiple prizes

La Cigale Estate, a private exclusive-use estate, with a charming plantation house nestled in the middle, scooped multiple prizes during the recent three-day Praslin Culinary and Arts ... Continue Reading →

Meeting with veteran musician Charles ‘Ton Charles’ Lesperance “Music is my life and my life”

A small sound of a violin welcomes me to a courtyard. Divan brought this sound far in the middle. Nice and calm melody. Ton Charles, like everyone who knows him, is sitting under his ... Continue Reading →

Ministry of Education reviews inclusive education policy

The Ministry of Education is reviewing its ‘Inclusive Education Policy’ of 2015 and as part of the plan, it will be transforming the Au Cap primary and Plaisance secondary schools ... Continue Reading →

Praslin Culinary and Arts Fiesta 2022 Flavours, sights and sounds of Praslin

The flavours, sights and sounds of Praslin were showcased during this weekend through the fifth Praslin Culinary and Arts Fiesta.   The Creative Seychelles Agency within the Seychelles ... Continue Reading →

Seychelles Fashion Week opens with new talent on runway

Seychelles Fashion Week, an event in which winners will get a chance to participate in the Paris Fashion week 2023, opened officially on Monday with a mixture of colours interpreted ... Continue Reading →

Seychelles’ Tourism Festival off to a good start following launch on La Digue

L’union Estate was bustling with activity last weekend, hosting the launch of the 5th Tourism Festival.   The opening ceremony was appropriately held on La Digue Island as it ... Continue Reading →