JOHANNESBURG, It's back to the drawing board for the African National Congress (ANC) as the parliamentary caucus of South Africa's ruling party says it will further assess what led to some of its MPs defying the ANC leadesrship and voting with the opposition in Tuesday's motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma.

It was the first time ANC MPs had voted with the Opposition in a motion brought against the president and opposition parties had been optimistic that the vote stood a chance after the Speaker allowed for it to be decided by secret ballot.

The opposition needed 51 votes from the ANC to see their motion succeed, but in the end managed to get only 21 votes. Another nine ANC MPs abstained.

Some analysts see the result as a victory for the Opposition, as this was the first time that ANC MPs had voted with them but the ANC believes that more introspection is needed, especially after some of its members defied the party.

ANC National Executive Committee (NEC) member and the Minister of Small Business Development Lindiwe Zulu said Wednesday: "We had a caucus. There were decisions that were made. Nobody contested any of those decisions that were taken at the caucus and therefore, it means there was ill-discipline in as far as those members who voted with the opposition is concerned. The ANC made it very clear; this is not a vote of confidence against the President."

The opposition says it's very happy with the outcome of the secret ballot as the result of the vote shows that ANC is divided.

Meamwhile, the Democratic Alliance (DA), the biggest opposition party, has called for the dissolution of Parliament and for an early general election to be held. Party leader Mmusi Maimane said the DA believed that voters should now have the chance to express their opinion about the conduct of the ANC in defending President Zuma.

Maimane has also called on those within the ANC, who are against corruption, to vote in support of their motion to dissolve Parliament. He said the DA was determined that President Zuma must go as soon as possible.


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