Appointment of Land Compensation Tribunal

President Danny Faure has today appointed the administrative Tribunal to resolve all cases of compensation related to land in line with Part III of Schedule 7 of the Constitution, as he announced in his address to the National Assembly on 25th July 2017. The establishment of the Tribunal is in line with a Court of Appeal ruling of 7th December 2012, in which the Executive arm of Government was invited to set up such a Tribunal.The Chairperson of the Tribunal is Mr Joseph Athanasius.

The other Members of the Tribunal are Mr Hubert Alton, Mr Roy Cadence, Mr Alain Savy, and Ms Sabrina Zoe who is also the Secretary to the Tribunal.

Mr Joseph Athanasius holds a Master's Degree in International Law, and is also a legal advisor to the Government on maritime boundaries.

Mr Hubert Alton is a chartered quantity surveyor with 32 years experience in property valuation.

Mr Roy Cadence holds a BSc degree in Land Management, and was a former Director of Lands in the Ministry of Land Use & Habitat.

Mr Alain Savy has a BSc in Surveying Science. He is a licensed surveyor with over 37 years experience in Seychelles and overseas. He is a member of the Land Surveyors' Board.

Ms Sabrina Zoe has a BSc in Land Management and is a qualified valuer. She is currently Director of Property Management & Policy Planning in the Ministry of Habitat, Infrastructure & Land Transport.

The President met the Tribunal Members at State House this morning to discuss its terms of reference and operational matters.

Source: State House, Office of the President of the Seychelles

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