Le Musée national de la soie de Chine organise le forum de la Journée internationale des musées autour d’une nouvelle vision du développement

HANGZHOU, Chine, 18 juin 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Le Musée national de la soie de Chine (National Silk Museum, NSM) a annoncé la réussite du forum de la Journée internationale ... Continue Reading →

Seychelles’ multi-talented artist Urny Mathiot traces the road to 4 art forms of his life

Seychellois Urny Mathiot, hailing from the central Mahe district of Mont Buxton, is a man of many talents - a painter, graphic artist, photographer and musician. Although fine art was ... Continue Reading →

Heading for UNESCO: Seychelles’ Moutya dance will soon resonate in France

Seychelles will showcase its traditional dance, the Moutya, in a tour in various cities in France and will culminate with a performance at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, according ... Continue Reading →

Visitors to Seychelles donate $775,000 to environmental fund via online travel authorisation platform

Seychelles' Environment Trust Fund has received more than $775,000 (SCR10 million) as voluntary contributions made by travellers to the island nation through the Seychelles Travel Authorisation ... Continue Reading →