Liverpool Football Club fans in Seychelles have new bar to watch games at

Fans of the Liverpool Football Club in Seychelles now have a place to converge and support their team with the launch of a local fan club. The new locale, called ‘Iz Up Bar,’ ... Continue Reading →

2 nature reserves in Seychelles re-open after new health measures, facility upgrades

Two major nature reserves in Seychelles have reopened for visitors after closing to tourists and residents for several months. The opening of these parks comes at a time when the island ... Continue Reading →

Over 50,000 corals raised in nurseries after 10 years of work by Nature Seychelles

After 10 years of coral restoration, Nature Seychelles has raised over 50,000 corals in its underwater nurseries. New corals have been planted on more than 5,000 square metres of degraded ... Continue Reading →

President of Seychelles signs updated Civil Code in first legislation since taking office

The President of Seychelles on Monday agreed to revise the 1975-era Civil Code so that modern law reflects Seychelles’ current social construct and the human rights provisions ... Continue Reading →