President Faure sends congratulatory message to Russia

The Russian Federation today, 12 June 2020, celebrates its Independence Day. To mark this occasion, President Danny Faure has sent a congratulatory message to his Russian counterpart, ... Continue Reading →

COVID 19: Interview with Dr Sylvie Pool on staying grounded in the midst of lockdown in world’s second worst affected country

‘I have learnt an enormous amount with respect to understanding the wider set of factors and systems that shape conditions of our daily lives’ Seychellois doctor Sylvie Pool spoke ... Continue Reading →

World War two veterans honoured for their service

It has been 75 years since 750 young Seychellois men took part in the Second World War. Some stayed home on standby while others like France Joubert and Samuel Jolicoeur travelled to ... Continue Reading →

Pollution: Choking our natural beauty

Seychelles, home to many, is renowned for its pristine beaches and lush forests. With a so-called paradise reputation, an omen is just around the corner when it gets to the rate of ... Continue Reading →