Trump blames Iran in tanker blasts, says sea lane not at risk

US President Donald Trump declared Friday that a mysterious attack on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman had Iran "written all over it," rejecting Tehran's denial that it had any involvement.As ... Continue Reading →

Less pain, shorter recovery: Minimally invasive surgical procedures introduced in Seychelles

Less pain, medicine, recovery time, risk of infection and scars are all benefits of newly introduced minimally invasive surgical procedures now being practised at the Seychelles Hospital.Specialists ... Continue Reading →

President Faure discusses replenishment of Green Climate Fund with the executive director

New York, President Danny Faure on Friday discussed the replenishment of the Green Climate Fund, the world's leading financial institution helping developing countries address climate ... Continue Reading →

Oil tanker attacks: calls for calm after US accusations against Iran

Calls for calm are growing for fear of a blaze in the Gulf region, after the attacks on two oilmen in the Arabian Sea, which US President Donald Trump Friday accused Iran, which denies ... Continue Reading →